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Drivers and Vehicles

The current list of featured drivers in Carmageddon: Reincarnation Early Access.

Max Damage & Red Eagle

Mad maximum impact fruitcake with a hydraulic neck and no crumple zones in his brain. Drives the Eagle, a car designed for rammin’ and slammin’.

Otis P Jivefunk & Caddy Fat Cat

King of cool, the laidback lord of lowriders is, however, inclined to turn into a slavering lunatic if the cat gets its paintwork scratched.

Val Hella & Cleaver

She’s the self-crowned queen of the race scene, and her chariot is aptly equipped with wheel mounted blades.

Kutter & Countslash

He takes great pleasure in causing pain, and seems curiously keen to receive punishment in return. Who are you to argue?

Psycho Pitbull & Towmeister

Like a rabid scrapyard dog, he’ll come baying for your blood and your engine oil. If he catches you…its hamburger time.

Screwie Lewie & The Twister

This wacky guy favors the ‘supercar/monster truck/light aircraft/mole machine’ mode of transport. He’s about as insane as they come

Stella Stunna & Electric Blue

Electric Blue’s battery power is wired straight to her penetrator of pleasure… so every ped zapped is a little tickle for Stella.

Vlad & Annihilator

For Vlad, it's not the winning, it's taking apart the cunts. Hence the extremely surgical blade on his Annihilator.

Don Dumpster & The Plow

Gross glutton Don looks like he porked out on the entire pig population of Beaver State, including Harry’s pet wiener Squealer.