BREAKING NEWS: Carmageddon.com launch crushed under Heavy Traffic.

"When the original Carmageddon downloadable demo went live back in 1997, it crashed the entire UK internet due to the load. I’m having déjà vu." growled Patrick Buckland, CEO, as he watched the new site’s countdown timer tick down to zero... and the servers immediately explode under the volume of traffic trying to access the site. Grabbing his car keys, a pair of handcuffs and some six inch nails, he then invited the IT guy to the car park....”

We apologise for the loss of service this morning – after such a long wait, you must have been so disappointed. The guilty parties have already been run over and their giblets fed to the Stainless piranha.

Now you’ve finally made it in, we’re sure you’ll agree it was all worthwhile.

So, a wet and warm welcome to the reincarnated carmageddon.com website! We hope you enjoy poking around our private parts. Bookmark us and come back often, as we’ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff planned: Competitions, downloads, exclusive news, dev blogs, vids, snuff movies, live alien autopsies and badgers on crack.

Check out the history section to find out more about the history of Carmageddon. Visit the forums, and get involved in the biggest brand re-boot since... what’s his name... that Nuclear guy... Duck... Dick... Dick Fallout?

Patrick Buckland, AKA Batwick, AKA Stainless co-founder and CEO, has kicked things off in our dev team blogging section. Read his frankly mad ramblings here.