Seasons Beatings!

Hellloooo! Sim here! [b]Back again with a Christmassy themed competition for you all! Yes it really is that time of year again, bloody hell! And although some may grumble and moan in a bah! Humbuggery way at the mere mention of Christmas I think it’s a perfect opportunity to “Carmageddonify” Christmas! :D[/b] This idea came to me after I found myself remastering a classic Christmas carol for fun. Here’s my effort… “On the twelfth day of Christmas, Stainless gave to me, Twelve dumping cows Eleven peds a-praying Ten Cunning Stunts Nine flying limbs Eight severed heads Seven bikini girls Six muscle men Five Gory Grannies! Four Times Combo Three ways to win Two cop cars And a Max in a red Eeeaaa-gggle!” So for this competition, I want you to remaster your very own Christmas carol (can also be a jingle or Christmas song, Number 1 etc.) inspired by Carmageddon! Prize First prize is a Carmageddon: Reincarnation poster signed by team members and any t-shirt from our store. Two runners up will also receive a t-shirt of their choice How to Enter & Rules To enter the competition post your entry here in this thread. Competition starts Monday 10th December and closes on 3rd January 2013. Winners will be determined and contacted on the 7th January 2013. Only ONE entry per person allowed, so be sure to have a good think and present us with only your bestest ideas! Look forward to seeing the entries! Sim xxx