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Early Access Title Update 4 – 16 July

by Simista on 16/07/2014

Time to cancel your evening plans, ignore the phone and get stuck into some Carma carnality as we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update! This is the 4th Update, as we continue to STUFF your Steam with Carma Goodness - WOO!

Wish You Were Here

by Simista on 14/07/2014

Sim here with a GREAT new competition for you! I say great because it’s EASY and not based on any skill other than playing Carmageddon:Reincarnation :D (which once mastered is not a skill it’s an ART!).

Max Packs It Right Up There!

by tracyjc on 11/07/2014

NOW HEAR THIS!! The Carmageddon Max Pack (that’s Carmageddon 1, and the Carmageddon Splat Pack) is now available for ALL in the Steam Store. Yes, now you can play “compare the original with the NEW game” – without having to leave the comfort of your Steam Account!

Max's Steaming Package!

by nobby on 01/07/2014

Yes - you’ve been asking us for it, and we’ve listened! We’re HIGHLY EXCITED to announce that ALL EARLY ACCESS CUSTOMERS (including past, current and future EARLY ACCESS owners and purchasers) of Carmageddon: Reincarnation will now also find an additional treat for them in their Steam Library, in the shape of the Carmageddon Max Pack (that’s Carmageddon 1, and the Carmageddon Splat Pack)! Wowsers!

Early Access 'Hot Fix' Update – 20 June

by shane on 20/06/2014

Today we have a new Hot Fix available which fixes some issues introduced in our last update.

Early Access Title Update 3 – 18 June

by shane on 18/06/2014

Grasp your controllers firmly Carmafans! In our efforts to pleasure you regularly with gaming goodness and gore, we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update to our Steam Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation. We have updated content and also present BRAND SPANKING NEW STUFF to ogle over, drive or destroy….and it's all OUT NOW!