Carmageddon: U.S. Celebrations!

Yes, it’s official! The news that Carmageddon is back has been such a hit in California, that the authorities have decided to dedicate a whole weekend to the game!

This weekend (July 16/17th) the 405 Freeway will be completely closed to public transport, in order to allow the Carmageddon racers to do their thing, with minimal disruption to normal road users. And in order to compensate for the lack of traffic targets, the public are being urged to take to the streets on foot – so there will be plenty of BIG splatter bonus opportunities on offer…

Ex-governor Arnold “Arnie” Schwarzenegger is going to be out on the streets attempting to swat Auto Scum racers off the road using his bare hands. Apparently sources close to the massive actor tell us that he’s itching to play the role of Teutonic tracked vehicle driver Heinz Faust in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Carmageddon movie. We’ll keep you informed of news on that front as it breaks.

So, a big thank you and well done to California for celebrating everyone’s favourite game! Have an "awesome" weekend y'all, and remember: Look both ways before crossing!

Meanwhile, here's Simone with today's other news:

"Ello! Sim here. It’s been a while! How are we all doing? Been busy in the forums I see!

Today I bring you News of the latest updates...

First off we give you guys another chance to win Carma goodies with the new competition! To go with the current Hollywood theme, this one is called “Lights, Carma, Action” and we want to see your homemade Carma videos! Already done one? Then share it with us. Fancy making one? We’d love to see it! You can read more about how to enter here.

PLUS… Everyone likes a good POLL! The new poll is asking about the pratcam! Would you like to see it return? Or did you hate it? Get over there and give your vote!

We’ve also updated the Profile section of the site, to add a heap of new AVATAR images for you to choose from. If you were dying to be represented by a small picture of a car, then you’ll be HAPPY.

There will be another update soon, with EVEN MORE fancy things for you all to gawp at including the next installment of Concept Album ramblings by Nobby!"