Carmageddon Max Pack Released on GOG

Carmageddon:Reincarnation backers may remember that during our campaign we announced the original version of Carmageddon was going to be re-released on GOG in its un-altered original format, complete with the additional Splat pack and all its innards packaged up in an easy to install executable. Well, that time has now come, and we are thrilled to say it’s now available at $9.99!

All our Kickstarter backers who pledged $25 or more should have received an email last week with their code to redeem it for free as part of their Kickstarter rewards. If you’ve not received it yet, please let us know (you can email or private message me on the forums).

So, Drivers, start your engines, check out what the GOG team thinks about Carmageddon below, and head over to to purchase your copy!

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