Buy NEW Carmageddon STUFF!

We've launched a new Store today! And this time, it’s far easier for Carmageddon fans around the world to buy our stuff, thanks to everyone having a choice whether to choose the US/Canada or UK/Europe Store as their virtual shopping destination. Thanks to this, you get the best possible deals on shipping and product prices, and we get to sell more SHIT. There’s a wide range of sexy new merch on offer, and you’ll find something for everyone – from a new Max Damage mug for granny, to Carmageddon: Reincarnation t-shirt for Fido.

We've got the first in a series of Driver/Car designs on offer too, and we start the “Designer Opponent” range with Ivan the Bastard, Val Hella, Vlad and Ed 101 themed items. Collect them all! Wear ‘em all at once! All the clothing designs are printed in hard-wearing “flex”, which is, er, printy stuff, on high quality cotton clotheses. We’ll be adding to the new Store regularly, so keep an eye out for new designs. Why not head over to the forums and let us know which Designer Opponent style is your style, and which one you’d like to see next!