Hey there Carmafans, nobby here!

And today I’ve got a Double WHAMMY of news for y’all, as we announce a fantastic Carmageddon: Reincarnation Steam Beta MIDWEEK MADNESS Sale, beginning TODAY and running through the week. For that limited time, the game is available at HALF PRICE! Yes – HALF PRICE! So now’s the time for anyone who hasn’t got the game already to GET IT and join in the fun – the Beta release is FEATURE COMPLETE and has all the cars, all the tracks, all the crazy PowerUps and all the pedestrians for points fodder you could dream of, plus a full Career mode and MULTIPLAYER with a mad bunch of adrenaline-pumping game modes!

Plus, we’ve got another awesome Update going live TODAY for the Beta release … and this one has some exciting NEW STUFF in it! Check this out

  • The AI now use PowerUps!
  • The AI behaviour has been improved in all event types, and they’re more aggressive in Classic Carma events!

Plus, the Controls Config file has been moved to allow editing without locking out the Multiplayer Mode, there’s a fix for edited Keyboard Control Configs not saving, and importantly - graphical settings have been tweaked as well, to make them easier to understand and tuned to give a better balance of performance versus graphical quality. MARVELLOUS!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the “AI using PUps” thing, and now it’s in I can tell you it’s FANTASTIC FUN and it makes the game even more of an Multiplayer experience in Single Player! Val Hella repulsificating your advances! Don Dumpster spurting oil slicks from his arse all over your shiny new boots! The Terrible Twin aiming anvils at your vitals! Ivan the Bastard bowling slaughter mortars right up your chuff, plus many more highly amusing opponent/PowerUp combo moments WILL BE YOURS once the game has updated! So come one Carmafans – get yer update installed and get ready for some extra-ultra-violent vehicular CARMAFUN!

Oh and don’t forget – as well as these smashing new AI innovations and various game improvements, if you’re buying Carmageddon: Reincarnation in the SALE (and if you haven’t got it already, WHY THE HELL NOT?!) then as well as the Steam Early Access Beta release of C:R, you also get the Carmageddon Classic Collection COMPLETELY FREE! That’s the Carmageddon Max Pack (the original game plus The Splat Pack add-on/sequel), Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now, and Carmageddon TDR2K. All arriving with our compliments in your STEAM inventory! Damn we’re LOVELY.

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