Hey there Carmafans, nobby here with DOUBLE-SUPER news for everyone! Yes that’s right – we have the news PILING UP here for y’all!

So here’s the first bit of GREAT news: not only is Douglas NOT dead, but the comic’s NOT cancelled either – it was ALL just an April Fool’s joke. HA! I bet you all fell for it too. The second part of the great news DUO is that the sixth and last instalment of the “Versus” Carmageddon comic series is OUT TODAY! Yes, Part 6 – ARMageddon – is now available. And we all think it’s a fantastic end to the current story.

In this final episode Screwie, Shirley, Hammy and Max all get together at the MagNuChem plant and whip up some Carma chaos together. Oh, and look out for some special guest appearances too!

The comic was written by Stainless Games Carmageddon Brand Director Nobby Barnden and artist/writer Daniel Tejnický. The series is inspired by Daniel’s fan art comics that he’d been posting on the forums at under his forum name, “Czechdeath”.

Head over to our comic page in the media section of the website to read the sixth episode now! Plus (still) coming very soon… Czechdeath comic art WALLPAPER!

Enjoyed the comic and want to chat about it with other Carmafans? Discuss it in the FORUMS. And see more of Czechdeath’s work HERE!

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Submitted by DOOM3R on Thu, 02/04/2015 - 09:49

Holy f*ck! What a joke! :)