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FRIG competition!

by Simista on 04/04/2014

Sim here with another competition for you! OMG ANOTHER ONE? YES! We decided to run ANOTHER competition, to give EVERYONE a chance to win some of our lovely Carmageddon SWAG!

Early Access 'Hot Fix' Update – 3 April

by shane on 03/04/2014

The team has been extremely busy since our Early Access launch last week and we have another ‘Hot Fix’ to send your way! The highlights for this Hot Fix include updates to Action Replay, making it more stable.

Early Access Class Action

by Simista on 31/03/2014

Hey Carmafans! Sim here, its Competition time! We would like you to use the Early Access game to make us a video entitled “Carmageddon Comedy Clip”. Length doesn’t really matter (said no woman ever)… BUT no longer than a minute please (said no woman ever!).

Early Access Excess Is Go!!

by Simista on 26/03/2014

We are deeply delighted to announce that Early Access for Carmageddon: Reincarnation is now available on Steam! So Go forth into splattering carnage land and enjoy your first taste of Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

Engines, Start Your Gentleman!

by Simista on 12/03/2014

Better get yer string-back gloves on and lube up yer injection ports… ONLY TWO WEEKS TO GO! That’s right!! Only 14 days left until the PRE-ALPHA Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Steam becomes available to everyone! YAY!!

Crushy Crushy Joy Joy! Early Access 27th March!

by Simista on 28/02/2014

What have we got for you today? Well you’ll be happy to know we have a super sexy video of crushingness to show you. First off please note the game is still not finished! And assets are not final! So everything you see is still work in progress! I won’t babble on any longer, here it is: