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What was your favorite add-on car for Carmageddon 2?


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Submitted: Mon, 19/11/2012 - 02:55

I pick Halogaland's Leadpumper for my favourite. It's was such a joy to drive.

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Submitted: Mon, 19/11/2012 - 07:56

hmm intresting, lots and lots of addon cars. and cool to see peoples favorites, im picky, the car has to look god and also drive good.. I find myself often tweeking the txt files of those cars that. handle awsomely, and waste everything... just because I want cars to behave like the real ones.. would..

As for favorites.. every time I install carmageddon I seem to install, the Super bee, mainly because its also a car I love.. The econobrick eagle.. Because its awsome, And the subaru 360. the only subaru I like. its just kinda fun In carma.

strange I dont rember anybody doing a chevelle tho. I mean the bodystyle I like I belive ADR did one but.. not the one I want :P

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Submitted: Sun, 25/11/2012 - 22:30

Chevelle made a '73 Chevelle a long time ago.

Right here

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Submitted: Sat, 09/03/2013 - 14:03

My fav addon car? That would be the red Ford Falcon from Mad Max 2. Its my most used car but I love some of the addon trucks too. There was a T-1000 truck from the Terminator 2 movie and this one is awesome in C2.

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Submitted: Wed, 04/05/2016 - 02:07

I would say the Hot wheels remake of Red Baron, and not on topic but fav Carma car from the last Carma was that one that Pu$$y Lagore drove.

Nuff said.