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A conveting tutorial

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A conveting tutorial
#1 Submitted: Sun, 12/11/2017 - 15:19

Hello again, I’m wondering if there any specific tutorials about how to convert cars from Carmageddon 1 and Carmageddon 2 over to TDR2000? I have no idea where to start and there wasn’t any tutorials about it on Toshiba’s site. Thanks

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Submitted: Sun, 12/11/2017 - 23:12

There's no tutorial specifically about that. But anyway, that just means getting the C1/C2 cars in 3DSMAX. You'll have to get familiar with the different file formats/structures in C1/C2, try to search the CWA board.

Harmalarm's CarmaTools can import C1/C2 models in MAX2012+ (then you'd export to Wavefront OBJ or something to get it back into MAX R3.1 and scale it properly with the TDR Limey example).

Errol's Flummery can import C1/C2 cars too and export as FBX, which in turn can be imported in a recent version of MAX, then you export it to the old MAX3.1.

You can also try other maxscripts/plugins but they might crash and/or not support the car components' hierarchy. A datimporter maxscript is included with the version of MAX3 hosted on RR2000. There's also a "C2 Editor" (in the R3.1 maxscripts) but I think it only imports CarEd format.

Usually, to properly import a C2 car/object, you'll have to make sure its textures are located in a subfolder named tiffrgb and are in the TIFF format. You can either unpack the TWT files + convert the C2 pixies via tools (RR2000...) or download the original car templates from Toxic-Ragers or download the Vanilla C2 Mini-pack which has the templates as well (in place of the TWT/PIXies).

To import C1 cars, gather the ACT DAT MAT files in the same folder, open/export the textures from the PIX file(s) with CarmagEdit or TRixx, convert the extracted BMP files to TIFF (must also be converted to True Colors mode) and place in the above-mentionned tiffrgb subfolder. Opening in Plaything2 and saving right away helps the tools load the scene. (Plaything2 can be run on Win10 by setting it to 16bit color depth mode in the Properties/Compatibility tab).

Have you successfully imported a test car in TDR2000? Before wasting your time struggling with C1/C2 assets, I really suggest you first get a test car in TDR2000 then a simple but more elaborated one (with doors and detachables).

... and carmageddon add-ons at road reaction.

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Submitted: Sun, 12/11/2017 - 23:35

I see, this is gonna take a long time but hopefully, I’ll figure out how to convert them sometime in the future. Thanks Toshiba