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Crashers Tips and Tricks!

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Crashers Tips and Tricks!
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I have been playing this game for a good couple of weeks now and I have finished all the races. I have also bought all the cars and upgrades. I thought I'd share some things I've learned and discovered while playing Crashers. Share some yourself too if you like!

Get Perfect Launches more easily
It can be quite frustrating to get Perfect Launches. Here's how I do them:
Press the throttle and keep it pressed. When you hear the Announcer say "ONE!" Release the throttle and the revs should have dropped in the green zone when he says "GO!". Depending on the car you may have to release the throttle a little bit later or earlier. For example with Vlad's car release the throttle when he finished saying "TWO!"

Hit every pedestrian
Before explaining this I have to say that I have only been playing on default settings so I don't know what auto center off is like.

Note that your car will self center after X sec. (I didn't count and it doesn't really matter). Make sure that when you see a group of Peds that you move to the left/right a bit earlier. Try to do it so when you hit the Ped that jumps out, your car will self center after hitting them. By doing this you make sure that you have enough time to move left or right for the next group.

Upgrade wisely
Upgrading your Carma is cool but Armour is actually the most important one. It's because upgrading it means that your car uses less damage for each race. Upgrading Armour (as well as Carma but to a lesser extent) lowers the amount of damage quite significantly. Cars can go from using 13 to 9-11 this way which means you can do more races! After that upgrade your Engine and then upgrade Carma. Handling is less important but can be done to get those extra Force points

Earn more money
This is the big one and I've discovered it by accident. Crashers seems to be a game designed around grinding and waiting. With Grinding and Owned Events you can make some money to save for your next car but that quickly gets rather tedious. To earn more money more quickly do this:

Play through Career Mode until your first or next (Mini) Boss event. Do the race but lose it intentionally. You will notice that despite losing the race you will still earn a lot of money. This is because with a lost race you earn about 10% or so (I didn't do the math) of what you can earn on that race. But because Boss races usually have a huge amount of prize money you will earn much more than with Grind or Owned races. Try to get a Perfect Launch, hit all Peds but make sure you miss the last shift and you will earn the max. amount on the Boss races. By doing this I was making about $97,000 a race on the second to last Boss. Now you can grind money much more easily and save for those costly cars and let's not forget about the upgrades! Stop losing races until you can buy the car and most (or all if you like) of the upgrades.