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The current modding support causing issues.

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The current modding support causing issues.
#1 Submitted: Mon, 28/08/2017 - 23:23

I feel that Carmodgeddon is one the greatest ideas for the new generation of Carma games.
However , I feel that in its current status its pointless.

Modding Carmageddon MD (or R) is brings more limitations than options IMO.

Saving is disabled , normal for the career mode however everything is disabled.
You cant save your last used track , car or anything. you cant change out APO and have it stay that way next time you play. its a small thing , but I find it very anoying.

Speaking of APO and saving , APO is a important part of the game , yet when we add a new cars we cant upgrade them , we can add APO but it will never save it. meaning you would have to do this before every single play-seasion thats gets anoying and has driven me away from a lot of mods that I realy want to play with.

I dont much care for leaderboards , why not have it be that only the leaderboards are disabled if you mod?

I just would like to have a bit more flexibility even if it was letting us save our custom settings.
Maybe Carmodgeddon could have a different save slot with unlimited APO (or no APO at all?) that just lets you use everything and just have fun with mods. (including changing the default files)

I hate ranting , but I have been thinking about this a lot recently

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Submitted: Tue, 29/08/2017 - 09:47

Yep, 100% on board with you on Carmodgeddon being pointless in its current state. The way I see it, Carmodgeddon should be equivalent to launching the game unzadded meaning files are not checked and career is not disabled. The game still won't save, but this could be rectified by creating a separate modded save file for example. Ofcourse this is just one method but currently what we have does't really help modding in any way and makes total conversions pretty much impossible since saving is disabled.

I would love to see this feature expanded so all we can do is wait and see.

as for APO i feel like its current implementation is a little too much on the nose and it does more harm than good when it comes to balancing cars. Its especially a huge pain in the ass to test with modded cars which is why I personally don't bother with it because not only does it take a hell of a long time to test each setting but its also pointless since as you mentioned, upgrades on modded cars will not be saved after exiting a session.

The leaderboards were a weird decision seeing as it seems to be pretty easy to cheese them (just take a look at the top scores). I feel like the addition of leaderboards and locking of career and MP has done more to harm the game than good, from a modding standpoint that is.

I also hate ranting but its hard to not rand when the driving physics in this game are so fun compared to whats out there and yet its a shame that we can't fully enjoy the benefits that modding can bring to this game because of these weird decisions that have been made to deliberately lock things.

We also don't have access to the official editor which at this point would be a big help. That said, even if we never get one I would go as far as saying that if the game was more open it would produce more incentive for people like Errol and Trent to keep developing their tools further and add things like custom peds and drivers, custom animations and who knows theres a whole lot of things that CMD could become. Ofcourse this is just wishful thinking at this point.

C1 and C2 weren't easy to mod, especially with the old unstable tools like plaything but that didnt stop people because the game itself was very open. I feel like this is the opposite case with CMD. Getting a basic car into the game is VERY easy. The engine is very lenient about a lot of stuff. Sure it gets more complex the more parts you want to add and animate but the entry level is, in my opinion very straightforward which is a shame because CR/MD modding never took off the way C1 and C2 did.

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Submitted: Wed, 30/08/2017 - 10:01

do you member modding would be a big part of C:R.... oh i member

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Submitted: Wed, 30/08/2017 - 11:27

C:R actually is completely open to being completely modded, you can change anything without being locked out from anything. It's a "bug" but anything in Data_Core will be loaded on top of the ZAD content automatically without having to set any command line options, without having to extract all the game's data and without triggering any of the checks. C:MD initially had a bug where running the game unzadded would not disable saving, now it only has a bug where it won't disable saving on a rare occasion.