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Handling 'Fix?/Mod'. Less 'ice' handling. v2.

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Handling 'Fix?/Mod'. Less 'ice' handling. v2.
#1 Submitted: Thu, 06/04/2017 - 22:59

I've managed to 'fix' something in the handling I found odd and unrealistic, n think it *could* be what annoyed some people.

I'm playing on an XBOX pad thing, and when progressively cornering/steering with the analogue the car starts to lean, then you reach a certain point and a 'notch' in the weight distribution/grip happens, sort of like the suspension giving out, or weights klunking over to the leaning side, if you counter steer this 'notch' the weight distribution is all screwed up, if the backend kicks out from this (in Snaky) it feels like the traction is lost from the middle of the car, not the rear wheels, also makes hitting peds a pain if you swerve during the 'notch', it feels like a hack to kick the backend out before the real physics would, if you know what I mean.

I found these settings in the vehicle file:
car:SetFrontCriticalAngle (6)
car:SetRearCriticalAngle (6)

Changing the values to this appears to have eliminated the 'notch'
car:SetFrontCriticalAngle (1)
car:SetRearCriticalAngle (1)

Also feels like the general loss of grip is more from the rear wheels as opposed to the cars centre now, makes the handling more arcadey too, very much 'on rails' sort of thing, but the drifting remains as perfect as it was before, there's two's here, one is Ivan's with the CriticalAngle tweak and extra downforce, makes him a shitload more sable and less klunkey, and one of Snaky though I've done some extra fiddling with Snaky's handling.

Not sure if CriticalAngle's been played with by others so might be treading old ground, but couldn't find anything in searches. For me this was a substantial upgrade, changing those values has worked magic on every car I've tried so far. It would be rad if others could have a go (especially if you don't like the handling!), most noticeable with an analogue pad but feels good on keys too, have a burn with Snaky on a good flat surface with the standard setup then drop the modded in and have a burn, or just change the CriticalAngle to (1) in any car n see what happens yo.

Edit: 90% Of testing has been in Snaky and a little in Ivan, with no APO upgrades, so no idea if those settings will be any good with maxed out stats, I might attempt to make a video of some sort showing the difference between setups.

Edit: I've found setting SetFront/RearCriticalAngle to (1) as opposed to (0.1) livens the handling up greatly.

Edit: I've come to a point I'm fairly happy with two setups I've done, Snaky & KVN, they're not finished yet but they're the best I've done so far with more to learn, I'm gonna overhaul the handling for all cars eventually and release as a full pack for all the peeps who don't dig the 'ice' yo, if peeps like um I'll do some more with relative priority. The basic setup of Ivan is there too.

Edit: A few more handling tweaks to Snaky & KVN, also now including the Structure files, allowing minor deformation to weapons and very minor deformation to the engines.

Bear Download

KVN Download

Snaky Download

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Submitted: Mon, 18/09/2017 - 15:23

Hello there my friend...
I am trying to tweak Super Suppressor I edited Structure.xml and
Problem is how can I use it on the game?..
Thank you very much for any help...