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Adding new cars in Windows 10?

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Adding new cars in Windows 10?
#1 Submitted: Sat, 28/01/2017 - 16:18

So GOG v3 patch has got the game running sweet.

However it still has zombies (patch said it would make them peds with blood), but more importantly I'm trying to add some extra cars to it either via carstockalypse or manually.

I've extracted the files to the c2 folder like I used to on my old PC, open up carstockalypse and they are in the list on the left, use the arrows to add them to the in game list on the right and hit OK. When I reopen carstockalypse the cars I just added are no longer in the in game list.

So I tried adding them manually but there is no opponents.txt file anywhere to be seen!?

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or why I can't see the opponents.txt file (also can't see the races.txt file to add new tracks either)?

Thanks for the help in advance =)

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Submitted: Sat, 28/01/2017 - 18:49

Quick update, still no luck, have downloaded TWT suite and unpacked the data.twt file so I could access the opponents.txt file. I manually added one of the add on cars to the file, changed the number of cars at the start of the file (and added the opponent number to the one I added). This didn't seem to work as the car still wasn't showing on the in game list on carstockalypse. So I then re-edited the opponents.txt file to show only 2 opponents Max and the add on car (F40). Still no different in carstockalypse, so tried loading the game up and when the race loaded up it had a normal mix of 5 random opponents and no F40 either.

Really not sure what to do now, I know in the past on my old windows 95/98 machine way back when I added loads of extra cars through carstockalypse. Also noticed while trying to edit the peds file to give more time/credits per ped so I'd be able to try out the new cars that the game totally ignored the extra 0 I had put on the end of each stat (something I also did with no issue on my old machine)

Could it be because I'm using an old disc copy and not one from Steam/GOG, is it Windows 10? More over how is it ignoring the opponents/peds files after I've edited them (and deleted the original files from the install folder)?

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Submitted: Wed, 01/02/2017 - 10:16

Hello again,

If you're unzipping the addon cars and Carstockalypse can see them, it means that part is done properly. I assume you placed Carstock.exe in the C2 root next to CARMA2_HW.EXE etc.

I suppose your disc installed it in Program Files? If so that might be the problem as that folder and its subfolders are sometimes stupidely protected. You could thus try to install the game elsewhere (C:\CARMA2).

Another thing: when you extracted DATA.TWT, did you remove/rename it afterward? Else the game will keep reading from it and not the extracted files. (all files should be extracted). Anyway Carstockalypse is supposed to do it all on its own at first run (unless it doesn't have the proper permissions).

Honestly, the easiest solution for you is to uninstall your current installation, download and extract the Vanilla C2 mini-pack to a short path, apply the GOG V3 patch, put nGlide in there and just run it. The pack is available there:

Oh last thing, IIRC you have to beat the game in order to access addon cars. Savegames can be obtained there

... and carmageddon add-ons at road reaction.

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Submitted: Sun, 05/02/2017 - 18:05

Thanks for your post, all sorted now, turns out it was because of it being installed in the progam files folder. I'd even tried making sure files had appropriate read/write access when I was editing them (and yes I removed the old twt file before editing it, good shout though).

Anyway thanks again, really appreciate the help as I was tearing my hair out for hours the other day trying to get it to work.

And you are right about needing to beat the game first, I am planning on doing so as it has been a while. I knew carstockalypse wasn't working though as I'd add the car in the list, hit OK and close it down and then open it back up again to find the cars were not in the added list again. That said I may take those saves for a sneaky go in a few mod cars before I start fresh. =)