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PS4 Pro Performance

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PS4 Pro Performance
#1 Submitted: Sun, 20/11/2016 - 21:04

I've noticed Max Damage oddly runs noticeably choppier on the PS4 Pro compared to the base model. I had an original PlayStation 4 and a 1080p television. On a whim I decided to upgrade for better wifi performance (2.4ghz vs 2.4/5 ghz) and my personal gripes with the original PS4's hardware (power and eject touch buttons). Although I have a 1080p television, I decided on a Pro instead of a slim. I figured it would be more futureproof and any potential minor graphical/performance enhancements wouldn't hurt. Less than a handful of games are known to run worse on the PS4 Pro than the standard PS4 running at the same 1080p resolution and not being upscaled to 4K. Digital Foundry has a couple videos demonstrating this. However, Max Damage unfortunately seems to be one of those games. This is puzzling to me as it's certainly not a graphically intensive powerhouse of a game as it is. I'm hoping this will be patched if more people report it. The game is certainly not unplayable, but it has annoyingly stuttered on me from time to time particularly in Maim Street. That never happened to me when playing it on my old console nor have I seen a noticeable performance dip like that in my other games.

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Submitted: Sun, 20/11/2016 - 21:45

As several games are concerned by this issue, it's certainly a problem in the firmware console... I am pretty sure that sony will release a new firmware to correct that.