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Controller configuration

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Controller configuration
#1 Submitted: Mon, 07/11/2016 - 18:53

at last my xbox wheel controller is kind of working.

The only thing needed now is dead zone and linearity settings for steering and pedal input.
I can't se those options in the menus. It would be great if you put them there.
For now please reveal the location of config file where those settings can be changed in a text editor.

Thanks in advance.

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Submitted: Mon, 07/11/2016 - 19:47

There aren't any settings in a config file for it by default, I assume the game has some preset values it uses. However, in the games folder ([Steam]\SteamApps\common\Carmageddon Max Damage\) there is the config.lua file which contains all the graphics settings and such. In there is a section for controller settings which is empty. As far as I can tell these are some of the settings which can go in that section:


I don't know what the values for these settings are or how they all affect things or even if they actually work, but from a little bit of data mining it looks promising. I would suggest giving them a try and fiddling with various settings for them to see what works. I'd give it a go but I don't have a wheel to test it with.