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Game wont start-Nothing happens [solution]

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Game wont start-Nothing happens [solution]
#1 Submitted: Wed, 02/11/2016 - 19:22

So i was checking alot on forums and alot of people including myself seme to have the same problem.

So when you startup the game from steam you get into a black startup window but nothing happens. <--------------- [Issue]
This problem happens on Windows 7 x64 mostly.
Some people say you have to install some kind of windows update and some other say you have to update
your windows to windows 10, (Not an option for me).

So if you experience this problem maybe i have a sulution for you.

If your old enough maybe you rememeber the time when Battlefield 1942 was a new game and your computer was bad.
You went to scenario and loaded up the game, And you had to have patience and wait for the map to load.

well this is basicly the same, it takes like 7 min for the game to startup for some random reason.

After 6 min you will hear like a sound of an engine for 1 sec. then it will become silent agian for a wile and then you get to the menu.
(Dont worry about the load time ingame its like 20-30 sec).

But whatever you do,, DONT MINIMIZE THE GAME!! And if you change grafic well lets just say then you have time to go to the bathroom.

Sorry for bad grammar and stuff, Just wanted to help some guys out.

Have a nice day hope it works for you!

Windows 7 x64
Geforce gtx 770
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 4.0 Ghz
[Ram] 16gb DDR3

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