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G920 wheel support PC

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G920 wheel support PC
#1 Submitted: Mon, 31/10/2016 - 11:40

Purchased the game last night to find that I can not configure my wheel. Will wheel support happen or not? At the moment if I touch the wheel during configuration I just get automatic scrolling through the menu. Unable to bind any wheel inputs.

Regards Greame

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Submitted: Wed, 16/11/2016 - 04:34

I would help by posting links that are all over the forum but the forum threads changed positions.

All your answers are in those threads. Please use the search feature.

You wont like the short version. They never promised wheel support , they said they would LIKE wheel support but its on the back burner for now.

Me and another user (Purple44 ? ) did a lot of looking into how to get it to "sort of" work. Sorry the links changed around.

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