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Replacing the default songs?


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Submitted: Wed, 14/09/2016 - 12:20

So here's the playlist I'm slaughtering along to:
-99 Ways to Die (at least!)
-Crush em (doing a lot of that)
-Hangar 18 (in memory of the old C1 level)
-Take No Prisoners (obvious)
-Vortex (Opponent/Ped Tosser)
-Breakpoint (you're pushing me to a ___)
-Holy Wars (kinda fits)
-Kill the King ("You're in the lead!")
-Psychotron (Rebuilt Max? Ed-209?)
-Reckoning Day (Here comes the ___)
-FFF (Fight For Freedom)
-Skin o my teeth (a crosswalk hit and run)
-The Disintegrators (the slayers arrived on a black horse of steel)
-Victory (beaten bloodied and scarred)

-Battery (cannot stop the ___)
-Fight Fire with Fire (and fight traffic with Opponent Repulsificators)
-Ride the lightning (you know why)
-Motorbreath (it's how I live my life, I can't take it any other way)
-The four horsemen (now you've got the fight of your life!)
-Damage, Inc (life ain't for you and we're the cure)
-Seek and Destroy (lookin for you to start up a fight)

Judas Priest:
-Breaking the Law (because really)
-Rapid Fire (pounding the world like a battering ram)
-Freewheel Burning (born to lead at breakneck speed with high octane we're spitting flames)
-Heading Out to the Highway (there's miles ahead to put it back together)
-Riding on the Wind (sailing off rooftops anyway)
-Running Wild (cuz what's the point of living unless you're ___)
-Drive (Ok so it's actually Halford, but whatever)

-The Torture Never Stops (if I have anything to say about it)
-Fistful of Diamonds (gotta get those credits)
-Hellion (the devil's hellion child)
-I wanna be somebody (Of course I sing along with it as "I wanna beat somebody, beat somebody soon")
-Show No Mercy (why would you?)
-Ballcrusher (funny thing here: when I was renaming tracks to the vanilla names, this one took the place of Mindless Life Siphon)

Van Halen:
-And the cradle will rock (OK, I really don't know why. Originally it was Atomic Punk)

Type O Negative:
-Dead Again (because there's a lot of that going around)

Alice Cooper:
-Under My Wheels (I mean, you just have to)

-Ace of Spades (because Lemmy)

-Blue Blood (I slice my face flows with blue blood - give me some more pain)

-Demolition Man (because nobody did a really good Metal version and I don't have Grace Jones' version)

Iron Maiden:
-Wrathchild (Max's life story? If Running Free was a bit more "beefy" it'd fit.)