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A word on the handling

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A word on the handling
#1 Submitted: Thu, 28/07/2016 - 05:59

So i've seen so many people complain about the handling in this game and so i thought i should throw my opinion out there.

The handling is perfect for a carmageddon game. There, i said it... the handling is fine in my opinion. Carmageddon was never about racing, it was about destroying your opponents, killing pedestrians and overall having a great time. Cars feel heavy and each one feels very different from the last. It's excellent and works wonders for the kind of game this is. Not a racing game, a demolition derby game with pedestrians!

With that being said, if the handling were to be changed then i have an idea for the sort of handling i personally think would be a good fit for the game as it will satisfy those who crave for more arcady handling and those who love the weighty feel of the vehicles.

I've seen many suggest looking towards Need for Speed for future carmageddon titles, but in my personal opinion, this is a dumb idea. I love the need for speed games, especially the ps2 era titles, but this driving model simply would not work in carmageddon. Instead i think that looking towards Burnout: Paradise would be a better move.

Burnout: Paradise features very arcady handling and cars are easy to maneuver but they also feel very very heavy! I personally believe that if stainless caved in and decided to make a change to the handling, something like B:P would be an excellent middle ground, retaining that heavy feel while adding the arcade controls certain people are after! I'd prefer that the handling be kept the way it is, as it makes carmageddon games feel unique but if the handling were to be altered, i think that a B:P influenced driving model would be far better than something like NFS.

Post your opinions in the replies and feel free to suggest other games with handling that may be suitable for a carmageddon title. I'm just throwing one out there, but i'd like to see others and this thread could potentially find me some new racing games to play.

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Submitted: Thu, 28/07/2016 - 07:22

i won't buy a Carmageddon game if he has an arcade handling ... or if it was not an facultative option ... Burnout Paradise was boring ... maybe because of the handling (beware it's just my humble opinion on that game ...)
Btw the subject has been discussed multiple times, maybe try to found an existing topic before opening a new one (like here ).

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Submitted: Thu, 28/07/2016 - 13:18

While it seems like a good opinion there are a dozen other threads about handling. post your opinions there. Otherwise we get the same repeat posts that other people have posted everywhere.

As for Burnout I loved them all just took me some time to get used to the gameplay of Burnout Paradise.

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