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The mysteries of Carma forum NICKs!


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Submitted: Mon, 15/05/2017 - 13:21

Well. Ere's mine then. Once upon a time in the beautifully dull land of UK, one of my friends got himself a vauxhall astra, a really heavily modified one that was pretty nippy, always fancying himself as a boy racer he floored the damn thing down a school road as i was sat in the back seat listening to the loud music, was having a good time till *CLANK* the wheel came off the car, he said he put the wheels on the day before and they were tight, well, he was wrong, we came to a grinding halt that took a fair while as the wheel flew off down the road, when the car stopped i was shaken up and worried. He turned round and said "guess it wasn't too tight, was it?" laughing at the fact everyone was ok he said "could have been worse, we coulda caused a real nasty pileup" and alas, that was an event that stuck with me.

running people over.. so many peds so little time...

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CzechDeath wrote:
Fun fact -> Panic in Czech means male virgin

if i was 32 and still panic i'd panic