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OS X Version Now Please


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Submitted: Mon, 07/03/2016 - 18:08


Bet that hurt!

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Submitted: Mon, 07/03/2016 - 18:58

Alright bbkr.

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Submitted: Tue, 08/03/2016 - 13:11

bbkr wrote:
I've started refund process on Kickstarter.
I'll post follow up once I get reply from them.

"Wait until the OpenGL version of the game runs on PS4 hardware, and it shouldnt take long until that version is ported to Mac and Linux."

No more waiting.
OS X and Linux were supposed to be made as part of original Kickstarter campaign, so they should come first.

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Submitted: Mon, 21/03/2016 - 21:10

I also backed specifically for Linux support and am among those who are disenchanted and disenfranchised, especially after the announcement of a console port which clearly shows where they've been spending their time.

It's pretty dumb and self-defeating to promise porting a game to Mac OS X & Linux, but use DirectX in the engine. All platforms, including Windows, support OpenGL, so that should have been used from the beginning.

I have also sent a message requesting a refund or a code to redeem the digital version on PS4 when it becomes available.

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Submitted: Fri, 29/04/2016 - 15:06

bbkr wrote:
I've backed up Kickstarter campaign on May 2012. OS X version was promised. On June 2012 payment was processed. It is now February 2016 and I still cannot play the game.

Moreover I just received newsletter that Carmageddon is coming to... console.
So please cut this "we are unable to put a date to this while work still continues on improving the Windows version"bullsh*t!
Focus your resources on what you were paid for and deliver OS X version!

This. All the time we are told there is no roadmap for Mac/Linux because there is a ton of work for the Windows bugs. Then, all of a sudden there magically is no problem with a roadmap for two console platforms that didn't even exist in 2012 when the Mac version was backed.

Enough with the bullshit excuses.

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Submitted: Fri, 29/04/2016 - 15:42

You have paid for an episodic game released ... and you will have a complete game. And yeah, making a game could take years that the truth.
You want the game right now on mac and linux, give them some million in order to do that.

The kickstarter is about 5 to 10 % of the total budget of the game. The game was released too early on PC and don't sell well.
They need cash to make the linux and mac version ... those versions that concern maybe only 1% of total gamers.
The only chance you got to see a linux and mac version, is that the console version sales would be good and bring fresh money to continue the developpement.
It's not a scam, you don't buy an object, you be part of a project that like every project could fail.
Like in every project, they have to take a strategic business decision. They could finish the developpement on PC and port the game to mac and linux, and then bury the Carmageddon ip or even worse closed the studio. Or port the game to console, and have a new amount of fresh cash to secure the port for mac and linux, this port that is not really profitable.
A developpement of 4-5 years is a current practice in the video game industry, even for indie project ( wreckfest is not released yet).
They say the 02/22/16 that they don't forget mac and linux owner, there is no sign there will never be a Mac version.
I understand your frustration, but you have to be patient (like the rest of us that must wait for CMD on PC).

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Submitted: Sun, 07/05/2017 - 03:51

Tonrac wrote:
They need cash to make the linux and mac version ... those versions that concern maybe only 1% of total gamers.

Then why they just don't refund money to minority userbase? This doesn't cost much to them, yet they ignore refund requests:

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Submitted: Sat, 24/06/2017 - 13:37

Here's the bother of the whole matter: an offer was put forth by one party (the Carmageddon Folks) and in good faith another party (some kickstarter investors) invests in an product with amazing possibilities. There are promises made by party one: specifically that certain ports of this game will be made. It makes little difference what platforms others deem better (mere opinion, I should add), more desirable, better suited for the game play, easier to port the game to. The promise of successful delivery or creation of this game was made for Windows, MAC and Linux. Clearly this is a doable endeavour as the game itself is already being ported to consoles in the list of compatible ports in the game engine itself.

It's really time, to make good on promises made to initial investors years ago on the Kickstarter campaign! Period. No need for platform bashing, no need for petty, and pointless banter by the less thoughtful folk on the forums. This comes down to a business deal gone amise.