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The buggy is nearly finished :D


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Submitted: Thu, 15/10/2015 - 17:30

Then I got a lovely shiny thing cheap (because it was a damaged one off a certain Mr. Plato's car after his usual bumper-car driving style):

Ooops, I, err, it wasn't me, a strange bloke broke it and ran off.

Then there was an incident involving a pillar drill butchering some finely machined components, a tap, some deburrers and some extra parts. I didn't take a photo of those because of their graphic nature to anyone of a petrolheaded persuasion.

Anyway, it all got back to being shiny after some TLC and some T-cut, and I think all the important bits went back in. I'm sure it'll fine.
That bit that pinged off into the corner didn't look vital.

Ed got one whole wheel on the floor, we've invented an agricultural unicycle!

the new arm revealed one stumbling block after being cycled - the existing rear geometry gave massive toe change with the extra travel we were intent on using, and nothing beneficial either. After hearing Ed swearing about it for a while I had a look and decided to just re-do the mounting points on the car and make another new arm - I've been wanting to alter some of the rear geometery for a while, so there's really no better time than when you're making a new arm.
We've removed a little of the rear camber change, and lifted the outer pivot to help with the toe curve, which now has about half the previous toe change over the travel and what is there is helping rather than hindering now. As a side bonus that brings the anti squat up a little closer to where I'd like it, and lowers the rear roll centre which should help with a little more traction/grip.
Cheap and cheerful jig to swap the pivot location over to the other side of the car, nothing fancy but it works:

And on with the new, new arms:

It's actually made the area for transmitting load around the bumpstops and damper mounts much neater so they should end up a little lighter too, added bonus!

Rear damper mounts ended up a lot neater too:

And sorted, could just do with finding some wheels with another inch of offset, unfortunately the only thing around are from compomotive and speedline, and they weigh a damned ton :(
Might have to be DIY'd wheels again :D

We can actually put wheels back on all 4 corners, novelty!

Car going back together and shiny new discs - clearance on the caliper is a little risky mind...

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Submitted: Thu, 15/10/2015 - 20:40

awesome stuff! it's nice to have so much free time though.. i was just only capable enough to built 2dof rig with huge external help - but this.. this is something really mature!

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Submitted: Thu, 15/10/2015 - 21:34

This is just a bigger driving seat setup. With better resolution.

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Submitted: Thu, 15/10/2015 - 21:51


Not being too happy with the temporary air inlets for the manifold and supercharger, and having a spare bit of billet from another project, Ed make a small mountain of swarf today and replaced the manifold one whilst I was swearing at the cam sensor (I had to make a plug for it, because we couldn't get a connector to fit it for love nor money):

Rear bonnet:

Ed got busy again, started chopping the front out now the rear's going back together. May as well have built a new car....
New front cross going in that mates to the beam stiffening bars we added a few years back, and is higher to clear the new pedals and fuel tank/battery/PAS which have been shifted backwards for better weight distribution:

New mounts for pedal box going on:

And some new floor bars, to mount the seat belts clear of the new bulkhead and help prevent anal insertion of the various large rocks we always seem to land on.

Finished off some last bits of dashboard wiring(few extra's been added, launch control settings, etc), and tidied the wiring behind it into neat runs, switched idiot lights out for LED's (which then required ripping them to bits and trying to add diodes and ballast resistors in the case of the alternator charging light....good fun trying to solder them in a space about 8mm x 4mm.....lots of swearing, some burnt fingers.

Anyway, kettle went on, coffee came out, shiny lights:

Little bit more to tidy up on the back, and the green connector for the passenger controls needs a hole cutting to mount it to, but pretty much done (spot different fusebox, didn't like the other one, this one is IP66 marine rated):

As promised, new front bonnet, ignore the steel box section, it was just there to hold the front square whilst welding as it's fairly thin aluminium, it's on hinges now and will get a gas ram lifter fitted to secure it, much easier to work on if you break down away from the service area then.

And new floorpan is on, new bulkhead, seat mounts, pedals, etc:

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Submitted: Fri, 16/10/2015 - 14:40

Fuckin' hell that's awesome!
Uh, you may want to wait for a few more replies before posting more images so that we get to a new page. I can already imagine weaker devices crying while trying to render all of the images in each page. Alternately, post less images per post and make more posts so that we get to a new page sooner.

I'm Espyo from the Carmageddon Wiki!
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Submitted: Fri, 16/10/2015 - 15:06

Yeah, probably, what can I say, I'm a photo whore.

There's more yet :D

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Submitted: Fri, 16/10/2015 - 16:45

Okay, for the next bit:

Whilst having a coffee we decided to create even more work for ourselves, and decided to change the front wheels to some nice light Mitsubishi alloys we'd found, since it's on alloys at the rear now - unfortunately what we hoped would be a simple spacer job turned out to require a complete new hub, otherwise the car would have been 6 inches wider up front - anyway, we decided that wasn't much more work than making new front wheels anyway (old ones were pretty tired by now), so 2 lumps of ally billet later....

The bearing cap is rather large but it goes through the wheel centre and acts as the cap to stop dirt sitting in the void (plastic caps don't last long), and being taper help centre the wheel for easier/faster changes:

Bells required to mount the brake discs to, due to the stud pattern for the alloys requiring much more clearance at the rear to get the studs in:

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Submitted: Sat, 17/10/2015 - 13:19

....annnnnd then we sat back, drank more coffee, decided the postage stamp sized front pads might struggle with the heat with another 100bhp, and decided to swap to some old dynalite 4-pots we'd been given, broken, but nothing we can't fix ;)

But they need bigger discs to suit the pad shape.

Could have just made the discs like that to start with without the bells, doh!


Knocks 10 seconds off the Zero-to-StrongEnoughToTarnishTheSpoon time for most good* teabags:

*Yorkshire tea, obviously

Anyway, hub got anodised, fitted, and the new calipers mounted after fabricating a new bracket:

Engine loom got modified for a better main connector that has removable pins and is rated to work under 6ft of water:

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Submitted: Sun, 18/10/2015 - 22:50

Thousands of miles and plenty of trophies to it's name, but that abused old Peugeot 106 steering wheel is finally retiring from it's life of misery and pain (Ed's taking around the back and having it shot*).

Of course, that means an adaptor is required for the new one. The remains of my 306 got butchered for a column spline to use for spinning a new adaptor up in the lathe - thankfully it hasn't been disconnected to sell yet!
Lightening scallops courtesy of a Mr A.Grinder...

Due to having to TIG the old centre spline in it's all in steel, so no shiny anodised ally things today for you all. Terrible, I know - I'm sorry.
I think that's -5bhp for lack of anodising and -8bhp for not being able to say 'Billet Ally!' when talking about it.

(*KIDS! I'm joking, the wheel has gone to a home for retired steering wheels, it's getting leather food every day and frollicking in fields with other wheels, it's in a caring, happy place - and definately hasn't been violently butchered by an angle grinder wielding maniac requiring the steel spline out of the centre.)

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Submitted: Tue, 20/10/2015 - 21:14

A wild barn door appeared:

And the spars are being 3d printed at the moment:

Roughly what it should end up like when it gets made and mounted: