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ETS2 Skin

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ETS2 Skin
#1 Submitted: Sun, 30/08/2015 - 23:27

Disshonist skin time!

Why disshonist? well I cant do this. I really cant. ive tried countless times, but the paperwork involved in an ETS2 mod is, well if I touch it, it dosent work.its just simple as that, Change anything mod fails.
so these are based on allready existing mods. these mods are Plain black trailer, and DHL Volvo.if you have those these will kinda just cancel them out, But anyway rember when I made a carmageddon trailer? well I dont have that anymore, but I do have a the carmageddon cab I did, and it works now without the reflection going all screwy, Then I made a new trailer, and I tweeked these mods to go better in ETS2 And they dont affect the painted truck mod or traffic mods (some trailer mods stop trailers apearing in AI traffic) so yeah fully working.

Orignal trailer wich is now lost.

Trailer remake, with aditinal logos, and faint images of drivers.

Trailer viewer is allways dark, for some reson

Max Cab

Fits all 3 cab types with no weirdness, or cut off images,

Cab + new trailer ingame

Hauling some carma.

Or tune your ride, for a custom carma hauler!

heh yeah.. images.
Trailer apears every so often as a job, dosent affect the gameplay much, Sometimes seems kinda rare tho, Download if ya wana try
I cant. 'Oficially' release this as they are just reskins based on other mods, But in the end, its the ingame truck, and ingame trailer, with a new skin, so all I did was use there paperwork,

Hope theres some other ETS2 players out there heh, Wating on american truck simulator..
So if anybody has any requests of me trying to add this carma skin to any of the other trucks, go ahead and ask, I was gona try it on the scania T but.. thats a mod truck anyway heh.

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Submitted: Mon, 31/08/2015 - 10:21

hey Maxine i too am a ETS2 player and i have played all the other truck games out there. I like your reskins but i am more of a player that like the long haul and going to different places, Lost my hard drive not too long ago to a lost partition but thats another story so i am not playing ets atm.

I do not know if american simulator will be any different, I want them to go back to the original 18 wheel game where the road actually had working road works that would actually block your way and then much later a new road would appear and sometimes make your trip a lot quicker.

I too am a little happy to hear about the new one but i think there just going to import the american map into ets2 game and make it another game YAY for company big effort.

Btw i have most of the expansions but i do not own the skins because i really do not see the point in getting something that does little to the game play but you get that :).

Thanks for the post though.

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Submitted: Sat, 20/02/2016 - 05:38

Is that the truck with physical rewards for kickstarter backers? :)

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