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My f*cking AWESOME axe collection.

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My f*cking AWESOME axe collection.
#1 Submitted: Wed, 08/07/2015 - 15:48

I once already posted my guitar collection here, but my collection has grown and I also took better pictures of old ones.

Plastic guitar project

My newest innovation; hollow body, flat-top guitar made of plastic. Still heavily in progress as you can see.

I bought cheap broken Strato clone, and took it neck for my project. Smaller knobs are from old radios, bigger knob is from heater or something can't remember exactly. How many guitars you know which volume levels are measured in Celsius degrees?

Body is going to be 2 mm white plastic sheet as guitar's face and back and wood as sides. I want cheap Bigsby B5 clone to vibrato.


I post more about this as project processes.

Danelectro U2/56

My main guitar. Chinese reissue. Strings are 13, 17, 30w, 42, 54, 64. Standard tuning. Calf's chain as strap, I found it from our ''studio'', which was cowhouse's milk room.

I probably change bridge to B5 clone/TOM combination. Original bridge starts to be bit battered, because extremely thick strings.

It is class one laser product.

NinjaLauta/Rock Lobster

Guitar I made in secondary school. Body is pine, neck birch. Heavy as hell. Not functional right now.

Ugly mess at body is glue from contact plastic. It used to have picture of dinosaur.

Note strap holder in neck. It is rubber foot of Pro Co's Rat.

Where jack socket used to be.

Another proof that creator of this thing was professional. Nut is pencil. Graphite nuts, aren't they good?

Williams Hi-Fi/Humpcaster

This guitar is art. My first guitar. Cheap chinese Strato clone, Williams. From department store. Five strings, pickup looks like humbucker but it is really two single-coils glued together and wired to serial. No volume or tone potentiometer, just on/off switch from freezer. Body split apart under the bridge so I glued it and replaced bridge to rusted steel tube.

Note paperclip and grey wire coming from it, going under pickguard. It is grounding. Ensures hum free sound.

Strings are nailed to it with copper nails.

Humpcaster names does not come from sexy look of this guitar, but characters engraved backside of body. They are Eläkeläiset, Finnish Humppa/Oompah orchestra.

Rubber band held pickup in place. Foam and silver rope is for adjusting height of pickup.

SX Bass

Black sheep of my collection. No mods, nothing broken, not even scratches.

Strato neck is for comparing. Bass is very small.

Self made Fender Champ 5F1 clone.


Nigel Tufnel is wimp, my amp goes up to twelve.

Damn nice building quality, there is nothing holding output transformer in place.

Speaker is from cheap Harley Benton. It's cone is torn. I accidentally placed chair on top of it. Chair leg punctured cone and squished dust cap. I'm reincarnation of Link Wray.