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Vehicle DLC Suggestion (Refreshed)

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Vehicle DLC Suggestion (Refreshed)
#1 Submitted: Tue, 10/02/2015 - 15:13

Given the recent investment by Les which has substantially increased the budget, I figured that the team would have enough space and funding to work on more goodies and improvements, including additional vehicles. At the moment, we're still missing out on 10 cars from C1, not including Splat Pack. They're:

I think that in order to focus on what's currently planned for base release, these vehicles could be released as four DLC packs.

  1. Femme Fatale Pack including Wanda Lust, Madam Scarlett and Burly Shirley (figured that instead of a lazy reskin of the Lumberer, she could have her own redesigned vehicle)
  2. Heavy Hitters Pack including Juicy/OK, Ed Hunter and Agent Orange
  3. Tech Pack including Firestorm and Mech Maniac
  4. Auto Scum Pack including Road Brat and Street Eater


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