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Max's C1 cars [ETS2 Carma]

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Max's C1 cars [ETS2 Carma]
#1 Submitted: Sun, 11/01/2015 - 21:47

Euro Truck Simulator 2!
might be boring to you people but its an enjoyable experiance for me, tested it on my new pc over christmas. then I tried carma, hey it works, I allways had issues running C1, but my windows 7 new power pc can run it fine, at a nice framerate with nice (for 97) graphics, so I decided to try making stuff again,

Thats where the ETS2 comes in, it has a nice truck viewer type area, so I got a good look at the volvo I was using, and now you too can use my volvo in your carma, The lights are a little in the wrong place and I only have roof lights not grill lights but I just added them for a nicer effect,

I would describe this truck as 'Good but not perfect' it works ingame nice, it has an interior, but theres no moving parts,

Ingame shot.

The only issue I have is I cant fully hide the mirror, and speedo in my interior view. Ive tried but it keeps crashing the game, so for now this is how the simple non-functinal interior looks.

and I added something folks usually miss, the animated Mugsy shot. and spiny car

Usually my stuff is muscle cars, pickups, and american trucks, so Go download this now before I revert back to Merican ways,
Also im still in the mood so I COULD add a scania too if someone really wants that. since its a nice looking truck too.

go mah site now C1 Cars page here!

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Submitted: Mon, 12/01/2015 - 00:59

It looks pretty cool, I've been playing Euro truck the last couple of days, bought it during the sale and it's great. The interior on C1 looks pretty nice