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US Traffic Pack

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US Traffic Pack
#1 Submitted: Fri, 19/12/2014 - 21:49

Yeah, Hi carma fans,
You tierd of driveing around with colorfull plastic station wagons? You cant really tell where the game is set because it looks like america, but the drones look strangly europian?

Well here is your answer.

Its a pack contaning replacement cars for the orignal drones, these low poly cars and train, will give the world a new look, Especially if you allready have a higher resolution skin for any of these maps and you feel the drones with there 16x16 textures are letting them down..

so download here in my maps and acessorys page.

Also sugest anything you like, Drones are easy, quick and fun to make,
so if you want a drone pack from the 30s, from europe, from russia, Or just want one particular drone, Then feel free to say it here!

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