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iOS 8 request desktop site doesn't work on

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iOS 8 request desktop site doesn't work on
#1 Submitted: Thu, 18/09/2014 - 11:01

Would be nice being able to switch to "desktop website" by having a button at the page bottom. I like the one finger mobile version but I'm a desktop old school kind of person. It's faster for me to navigate using multiple fingers and zooming on the sections I want to click than having to scroll all the way down to access something with the one finger does it all approach for the disabled folks. I was happy to hear about the new iOS 8 feature that add on safari the ability to force request of desktop website but after trying out, looks like it work on almost every websites but not on unfortunately, for whatever reason.

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Submitted: Thu, 18/09/2014 - 11:47

I think this should go in Website Feedback:

But I agree, it would be very good to be able to force the desktop site on mobile devices if you want. My phone (a Nokia Lumia 920) has had a setting to request desktop versions of sites since I got it two years ago and it worked fine back then, when everyone just used the UserAgent to determine whether you're on a mobile device or not. Now, though, everyone is using what's called "responsive web design" which uses CSS media queries to detect device size, viewport size and orientation, which I think is what this site uses. It's definitely a far better and more efficient way of doing mobile websites as it allows the site to be scaled to all sizes of screens and resolutions effectively, but it completely ignores the UserAgent (which what the browsers' "Force Desktop Site" settings use) so websites have to roll their own support for forcing desktop sites. It's a right pain in the arse, especially when you're using a high resolution mobile phone (e.g. 720p or 1080p) and can easily handle using the desktop layout on it.

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Submitted: Thu, 18/09/2014 - 11:55

As Trent mentions, the site does use a 'responsive' layout so it's a little more tricky then putting a 'desktop version' link in. However I'll have a look at what options I have to provide the functionality you describe.