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Submitted: Fri, 04/04/2014 - 14:40

thanks a lot, that helped ^^

got it hopefully everything is going go correctly, before end of weekend... now i see better why before it didn't really work appropriatly.. Fixing it and editing

Edit : like said in the second edit of my first post, it seems that with my current account i can only "share a link". To "go public", since my account was created in 2014, i'd now need to upgrade to a paying account... Well again, at least the links work ok

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Please fix the links, I want to see the trucks :c

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Oh, they work now!
So, Rig O'Mortis is basically Optimus Prime? The drawing looks nice but it's not really anything more than it was in Carma, you know. Any truck could be named RigOMortis and put in Carmageddon. It's missing the original part, imo.

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lol, I guess you're right; i've never thought about it actually nor have i made that connection with Optimus Prime... i have to admit, you've got me thinking a little there and finally, after doing some quick research, i've come to the conclusion that Optimus Prime, Rig O'Mortis/Semi mk II, and even Darkside (from the Twisted Metal franchise) all share the same mother idea of aiming to represent the typical "powerful" american big rig character.

I've looked up Optimus Prime after your post and indeed, the concept does look a little like the Transformers' Optimus from the movies (even though the original Optimus was supposed to be a 'flat-nose' truck..). Nonetheless, in some regards, i personnaly feel they've 'pussied' it out a bit, too much bling and not enough toughness : kinda wierd to explain but the way i see it, a big rig is not really meant to look like a garage queen. It rather needs this bulky, strong and powerful essence to look kinda cool.

Regarding the previous designs of Mother Trucker's vehicle, they don't seem to have any "special feature" on them other than the fact of being big black, long nose, with sleeper cab and dual side exhausts 10 wheeler rigs. I felt mainly upset actually by the semi mk II, the first time i encountered it in carma 2 ( hoped it to be the baddess and coolest truck ever seen in a game but in the end, it seemed kinda bland) So, i made my design trying to focus more on Rig O'Mortis and went on from there..

Finally, as you can see, you've got me pondering quite a bit on the character : i indeed feel he is amongst those strong flagship characters (with max, die anna, screwie, towmeister..) of the series. Therefor i've totally remade the concept (see updated previous related post) and tried to give it more carma soul lol.. This time around, having what you've said in mind, i tried to make it more actual and more special while still making references to the older carma models. So, in a way, thanks for the critic :)

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You've got some nice concepts there. Both versions of the Rig'O'Mortis you've got there look pretty cool. I can't help but feel something is missing from the front of the more traditional (Pete 379/KW W900) inspired Rig. Some form of reinforced bumper/bull-bar/ramming implement/bulldozer blade instrument of destruction is needed up front

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Thanks again for the feedback, espacially since i think you're also right :P (furthermore, really appreciate all you models, love their 70's/80's retro look with carma sauce, hope you intend to include them in CR: the more cars, the merrier ^^). I've therefor done a quick search on the net to try to find inspiration from the bull bars/ nudge bars already being made. Some of the most impressive ones are those found on the heavy haulers (instead of the usual highway big rigs) and in particular, those fitted on the Australian "road trains".

Instead of drawing something new or over my previous sketch, i've actually found something that could be a new proper (as in carma worthy) interpretation of Mother Trucker's vehicle (while still keeping in mind that it's always possible to mix/shift/copy elements from other concepts in order to try and make a design "more perfect").

I'm sending you this link i came accross and you'll see Drake Collectbles' Kenworth T909 Prime Mover. If it were to be adjusted a little bit to fit Carmageddon, it sure would be one badass mother trucker. The bull bars feel really tough. Another really cool thing about this version of the T909 prime mover is the fact that it really feels (at least to me) that it has the right length (most versions in the real life pics almost always look too short).

Browsing then through that site i came to realize that one great thing about diecast manufacturers is that most of the time, they do all the research work for you lol. Just look at all the different paint jobs possible and even more all those different vehicles you maybe didn't even know existed (which could be new sources of inspiration for new characters).

Hope you get my point.

P.S : Will upload new sketches maybe later on tonight or another day this week

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Vehicle : Pong

Driver : Mr. Panda and passenger Mr. Ping

Drescription : Made originally to depict the angry, hateful and despotic dictator type persona. Nonetheless, without proper context (like if it were the final boss of an eventual story mode where in the end, after dismantling his police escort and destroying his vehicle, you get to run him over and see he's just as meaty and fragile as any other peds(...)) and the lack of asian people in the series, i've made the driver, Mr Ping, a wealthy narcissic megalomaniac chinese psycho with his driver being a robot - in principle, more reliable and more obediant than humans - Mr. Panda (but actually turns out to be very suicidal and exhausted by his master).

Mr. Panda would be a cute cuddly bear type robot.

His car is the ultimate cult persona vehicle. Found inspiration in Red Skull vehicles (from Captain America series), the Zil concepts proposed as a Russian President vehicle, the Caddilac One limo and a few Chinese cars for the "wierd" design choices. Really big and tough. But would better fit a challenge mode than a proper normal race because of it's size.. Would really make something stunning and impressive to go against and would really be a blast to break it and make it look like a pile of junk. Tried play on words with Ping Pong.


When the carma police fails and is overwhelmed, send in the military lol.. probably alone on this one but "introducing" the next step in badassness (the way i see it, it would make sense since in real life, in huge emergencies, the authorities end up by sending in the military to face and solve the extreme problem at hand). Could make a good followup to CR 1. (still believe there could be a place for a cool faint neutral background story in carma mode that would allow even more madness without impacting on the core nor the construction of the game; after all, ain't carma a sort a parody of society? probably going too far here though :P (...))

Vehicles : The Missionary and The Creator

Drivers : Nintendork and Supremus Generalissimus Pope

Description : You thought you were invincible in your pumped up Suppressor? Think again kid, you're about to get owned.


The Missionary is envisionned as a very top end ultra expensive military road transporter project (do parallel with the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit for exemple, nearly or more than 1 billion dollars the unit!). Designed to cope with and eventually, if emergency, deal with - at most - one or two suppressors but it's not its primary objective which is to bring VIP merchandises to a certain destination. Gave it ultimate power (why not, it's supposed to have top notch future tech) but "downside" is a huge increase in weight. Nonetheless, without trailer, could handle like a today's Porsche Cayenne Turbo S around a track and as fast, if not faster in a straight line. About the same level of defense to the suppressor's but has loads more power and a bit more offense. Weak spot would be on sides at high speeds and roof. immensely tough and nearly undestructible. Can be an unmanned or manned vehicle (like the actual tech they are developping at Oshkosh). But since it's huge, could also have everything you need to survive inside (bed, fridge, shower and toilet, satellite link 24h/24 7d/7,...)
Model based on the Oshkosh HET Global (really hardcore and the true alpha truck of trucks it would seem) but beefed it up quite a lot to try and make it the ultimate Apex road tractor transporter


For info, keys features are (to make it really different from Oshkosh and better fitted for carma event) :

- front of chassis ending in gladius more or less style (better penetration of plating) and BIG bull bar being attached on it (via screwed bar going through bull bar (really love your lower interpretation but would eventually make it go higher for better protection of engine))

- side air vents (=> BIG engine, bullbar obstacle, aggressiveness)

- HUGE exhaust stacks (you really nailed down the height originally envisionned but not fond of the ending)

- 10 Wheeler : doubled the wheels at the rear to really make it more impressive ( honestly i found the original already extremely impressive ; liked the "monster truck" approach and tried to magnify that feature in order to make it that much more carma worthy)

- totally flat front bonet (amplify the hammer feeling, but less important here)

- end of chassis reinforced in case there is a need to go backwards. Again, like front, made to crush more easily and prevent any obstacles to slow down the truck's pace and arriving at destination

- Size DOES matter but here lol because on gameplay, i actually totally agree with you (just me fantasising which you figured out quickly :P)

truck detailed sketches : keep it mind the charactor's like a boot and everything else going against it is like an ant (nice image borrowed from The Avengers movie). Justified its "overpoweredness" by the fact it naturally won't come after you. It's like a Terminator : you don't cross its pass and you live. you want to stop it fulfilling its mission and you die.

Talking of "over complicating" things, i think i've surpassed myself on this one :/ (...). Nonetheless will try to expose all as simply as possible even if not entirely satisfied with my sketches..

=> the bull bar :

Nothing too original at first sight but really play on lines on emphasize on agressiveness

=> the engine :

Totally redesigned it. Went for an X structure. Apparently it has already been done espacially for some older military vehicles. Added 20 turbos in order to have 1 turbo for 5 cylinders. End result would amount to ULTIMATE power lol : 100 000 Hp + 20 000 electric power.

Redesign & huge increased because of three reasons :
-- Today's existing Top Fuel dragsters' super beefed up engines produce already more or less 10 000 hp
-- It's future super top notch utra expensive prototype tech
-- Tried to have as much as possible power-to-weight ratio close to 1 (in order to make it a bit more believable for it to have lastest Porsche Cayenne Turbo S performance around a track (when without trailer).

Also huge torque for ultimate traction power (but extremely well executed preventing it to always do burnouts)

Tried also to find inspiration from the Bugatti Veyron Quad Turbo W16 :





For electric engines -> huge cylinder

=> the chassis and bull bar connection to chassis :

4 Parts for chassis structure : parts 1 and 2 would definitely be welded together for better rigidity and overall strengh

other views



Again insipired a bit from Tatra rigid central "backbone" tube chassis

=> the suspensions :

mainly a mix of the Tatra suspension system mentionned above and more traditionnal MacPherson suspension structure. Suspension system would probably be using Magnetorheological dampers

For the rear suspensions, tried an "X design" but seemed too complicated. So i rather went for more traditionnal bras tiré suspensions (see also for more info if interested)

Or, to make it a lot more easier to mod just recycle some of the Plow's features and adapt it a little. Once again, hands down to Stainless on this part. Limit pure genious in its "simpleness" exection :P . Really astounding job there

=> the interior :

Would all be encompassed in anti-EMP tech

2 compartments :
-- driving -> ultra modern and clean (tablets and smart phones like: see also Porsche 918 spyder center console). All Digital

-- living -> huge use of ergonomics. Fully autonomous.

=> rear view


The Piecemaker (obvious pun with peacemaker) A.K.A The Inquisitor A.K.A The Creator Designed to kill as instantly as possible any foe in its way, it chews suppresors for breakfast. A whole vehicle goes in, only bits come out. Made also as a pun to 'Next Car Game' in the way where in the test tech level, you see an entire car go through "mining" cylinders and coming out as nothing lol. Here it would be same principle but better since it'd actually be moving and could be driveable. It would have eight "cylinders of death". Could also be a "proper" (and carma worthy?) alternative design type for THE Suppresor destroyer (and therefor all other vehicles) : instead of going in a cat and mouse chase game, its purpose is to make sure that there is no "race" or "event" to begin with.. Again very ultra top end military hardware, very secretative too. For style, "particular" and distinctive look, made it have a huge "steamroller" like wheel at the back which would make sure you stay dead once there is nothing left of your vehicle.

Regarding it's name, another suitable one for it would be "The Creator" (because its creates junk out of beautiful vehicles or whatever you put in it. I feel it could still have this carma humour while, at the same time, still be refering to the divine like and thus melting perfectly with the initial profile) So it could come down to "The Inquisitor" or "The Creator" (not that it fundamentally matters ...)

=> First sketch depics :

-- tracks with engine inside and Christie type suspensions outside (with more or less MacPherson type suspensions for smaller "wheels" inside) and heavy plating over it all. Connection to "main box chassis" would be done by protective engine box inside track. Might do better sketch for connection of tracks to "boxed chassis structure" or whatever it's called)

-- rear huge steamroller wheel suspension

-- "mining" cylinders mechanism

All have autonomous ultra high tech and utlimatly powerful electrical engines. In other words, it's a full 3x3 regarding tracks/wheels and full 8x8 regarding inside cylinders

And on a side note, to help visualize directly a bit better, Christie type suspensions mechanism :


=> Second sketch depics cabin. Conceived to be a ultra high tech modern/futuristic, with superb ergonomy (with, amongst others, "retratable" bed, table, bench), full autonomous cabin (to live inside - in case vehicle is destroyed - while waiting for reinforcements and pick up) :


I made this post quite long (i know and hope it ain't too annoying to read) because i kind of hope Stainless will implement tractor trailers in the game. Here such vehicles could be fought in special challenge events or special maps designed primarily to allow humongous vehicles to race against smaller "normal" vehicles. IMPLEMENTING TRACTOR TRAILORS (like in GTA, Driver, Euro Simulator,..) and boosting it to a carma level would simply allow to see the MOST TRULY SUBLIME, STUNNING, IMPRESSIVE AND EXTRAORDINARY VEHICLE SETS EVER SEEN in a game, in a movie or even in real life. It would be a little like piloting your own 1km long ship as it's planned in Star Citizen ; only here we'd be able to destroy everything lol.. Sure would probably ask another enormous amount of work though, but including the tech (usable also for future titles), if possible, would definitely really make the game that much more awesome. It would also very much fit the carma mentality in a way : huge machines doing havoc and bringing Armageddon thus being total carmageddon.. would totally be astonishingly awesome to drive such monsters :P


Nintendork could be a supergeek excelling in particular in videogames and driving at distance (when necessary to be man driven) Would use Virtual Reality hardware and always seem to have Occulus Rift goggles on.

Supremus Generalissimus Pope would propably be a more controversial character. Logically THE high end military commander and to emphasize on that i added the latin word supremus (=supreme) to the proposed "ultimate" military rank generalissimo (also parody on the will to try to find the most honorific title in some cases). Here, he would be like the special chief of all world armies. Kept his title latin to go better with the profile. His name pope would mainly be seen as a pun to the guy that actually condamned Carmageddon when it came out. Here he could be seen as a distant relative still acting actively against carma. Made him the good guy though, after all we're a pack of murdering pricks in the game lol. Also to accentuate the importance of the character made him the man commissionned by the three main religions, as a symbol of all the world's "good" values. Nonetheless to try to keep the carma spirit, tried to make his look be more of a parody. Would be very secretative dude, man of last resort, empowered by all the proeminent authorities and acting for the sake of "civilized" world to prevent total chaos :P


Other alternative and early concepts :

Missionary concept 2 (based on mobile cranes and the Oshkosh HEMTT)


Piecemaker concepts




in the tier 0.5

Vehicle : Rocket Pocket

Driver : Jimbo the Hobo

Description : A shopping cart modified to enter the carma events. Driver heard that participating in carma events can easily make you rich.. you just have to survive..


the robots : Since robots exist in carma universe, tried to give some of them a more deviant profile (allows new stupid type of jokes)

Vehicle : Wagonney

Driver : The Fistfull Five

Description : A group of really needy robots desperatly trying to be a human family. They plan to go on a world tour. After many refusals from travel agencies, only carma events made no distinction to who you are or where you come from. After all, they're machines, what could they risk


!! Warning, very borderline content ahead !!

Vehicles : Aero car and Aero truck

Drivers : Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Pussycat

Description : Aero car and Aero Truck are made to have the best air penetration designs. Nonetheless because of a design flaw in Aero truck and the important turbulent wake it generates, Aero car is easily prone to wheelings when behind Aero truck (obvious dick joke there for those who won't get it)

Mr. Mouse and Mrs Pussycat (initially thought of Mr Stallion and Mrs. Pig but seemed much funnier with mouse and cat) are circus robots (explaining their childish and human friendly look) applying their programs to the letter : the cat and mouse game and therefor carma is for them the perfect event. Simply instead of having the cat chase the mouse, it's the mouse chasing the cat. Meant to be an ANALogy to the Tom & Jerry cartoons (...)


P.S : can always edit content out if really and ultimatly required.. but again, nothing too obscene, just vehicles and robots

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The Blood Eagle wrote:

Vehicles : Aero car and Aero truck

Drivers : Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Pussycat

Description : Aero car and Aero Truck are made to have the best air penetration designs. Nonetheless because of a design flaw in Aero truck and the important turbulent wake it generates, Aero car is easily prone to wheelings when behind Aero truck (obvious dick joke there for those who won't get it)

Mr. Mouse and Mrs Pussycat (initially thought of Mr Stallion and Mrs. Pig but seemed much funnier with mouse and cat) are circus robots (explaining their childish and human friendly look) applying their programs to the letter : the cat and mouse game and therefor carma is for them the perfect event. Simply instead of having the cat chase the mouse, it's the mouse chasing the cat. Meant to be an ANALogy to the Tom & Jerry cartoons (...)

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Hey man, turns out you are great at drawing people, lots of ideas there, Im keen on uh.. Some of them, some cars there have nice orignal designs and stuff, and some other stuff just seems a little odd? I strangly allways like limos tho.. I really need to make one at some point.

BTW I did a car that was based on yours, but diffrent at the same time, hm, same idea tho,

As for the other.. uhh, a pool limo with people in the back?.. um wouldent those girls just kinda?.. call out heh carma is not really the place for cautions driving, passanger comfort.

Anyway I wana talk about trucks, I like trucks, I saw the links you posted and you know I allways kinda liked the short stubby look of mother trucker, Mabye long truck would get rid of that semi truck feel? Just to me it would a little, I agree with the roadtrain type guard at the front tho, But I allways felt it was a little more like a cow catcher from a train in C2, and id kinda like to go down that route more,
But still, nice pics. and uhh.. uhm... yeah the last one o.o

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Deadhart : Thanks, glad to know that it made at least one person laugh ^^


Mad_Maxine (really love your sketches and add-ons for C1 and espacially C2 (level of detailling is really impressive considering the engine) :

- thanks for the compliment. But here, it's mainly technicality. Sure, it's cool when you know you can manage the basics. It also really helps then to draw whatever you want. Nonetheless, i believe that's not truly the most important thing. The ideas and originality in the sketches/painting/image.. would be more important. I mean you can always improve your technical skills but finding the good and right idea isn't necessarily as easy.. Picasso had a good quote on the matter "learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist". Makes sense in a way, and if he said it, must be true lol.. But again art is pure in itself, every style is as good as any other i suppose.

- For your sketches, like always, really love the idea of seeing something new. Your vehicles all have that great carma feel and never lack with imagination which really is superb. But, regarding the DS (which is also very good in itself), wouldn't turning the limo into a break take out a little this limo feeling you're so fond of? and who did you imagine as a driver? i mean, after all, what also makes carma characters so "special" is always this mix of extreme cars and crazy drivers whom fit the vehicles (BTW really love that new female driver in underpants (hmmm, want more :P) and cock man's costume is pur wtf lol)

- As for the girls in the jacuzzi of the Spectre concept, i saw them as whores or escort girls if you prefer "hired" by the driver. let's simply say that maybe they love a good thrill

- For the truck style, i agree, when too long (like seen of some expo trucks), it then has a stupid look. when too short though, to me, it feels too compressed, "childish"/"toysish" and not as "powerful" as it could.. personal preferences. Like it was revealled in AC's franchise, "nothing is true, everything is permitted"