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Stream Q&A collection


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Submitted: Wed, 02/03/2016 - 11:22

oh it has been longtime..
Gonna try to catch a stream one of the days.
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Bump: Q&As from the December 02nd Livestream

04:03] When are we gonna the PS4 version updated?
"There is no update planned at the moment. Everything is tickety-boo, at the moment."

39:20] Any news or hints at any plans to take this game further with DLC content or future Carma games?
"We do have a mobile Carma in development. Obviously we would like to take this further with more stuff, but that is all in discussion a the moment."

41:28] When is the Beta ready for that mobile game?
"We haven't got an exact date yet, but as soon as We do have a date, We will let people know"
"It will be shortly after Christmas, that is the current estimate."

56:08] Any plans for more maps?
"There's loads of stuff we wanna do. We want to get community game stuff in there. We are discussing the outstanding plans for Steam Workshop, and allowing for a version of career which actually allows you to use modded data - all these things that we want to do."

"Workshop, It's a case of we've got to get resources free to do it, which we can't at the moment. We've got people working on all sorts of things. But we still want to do it."

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