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Stream Q&A collection


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Stream Q&A collection
#1 Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 18:57

This is the general catch-all thread about questions that were answered in livestreams! These answers are more focused towards the development of the game than they are about stuff like Stainless' past.
Every time there is one, I'll try to be there and point down any and all answers of interest. Then, when it's over, I'll list what happened here, so that people who missed it can still have a general oversight on what's up for the future.
Naturally, I'm more enthralled by Nobby than I'm actually registering that "hey, I should point this down". That, and the occasional miscellaneous distraction lead to me missing out on some tidbits. So if you have stuff to add, do post a post, and I'll update this as soon as possible! This list is updated at 20:00 - 20:30 each stream day.

I've got a job now, so I can't be there when it happens live. I'll watch the YouTube video on the following day whenever I can and point the answers down then. As such, this post will be updated every Thursday between 20:00 and 23:59:59'99 as soon as possible.

In addition, this thread also serves as a collection of ideas that Nobby really liked (and wanted pointed down for future reference), a means to discuss general questions and answers, and a thread for general stream-related discussions as well. Do keep in mind, however, that bug reports are STILL better off being submitted on

Latest stream

August 26th

  • Patrick is close to finishing the tracked vehicle tech, and is currently working on the damage mechanics. He will then be moving onto implementing car splitting.
  • Damage code has been re-written to be more efficient, but is only a placeholder. The previous sine wave-based code was largely inefficient.
  • DRM free version will not be coming until the "final, final" version has been released.
  • Months of additional optimisation work and bug fixing is scheduled.
  • New content is coming, date to be confirmed.
  • In the next couple of updates, there will be major improvements such as 'splitting rendering out across multiple threads'.
  • Tweaks have been made to the VTs to improve performance on low-end machines.
  • Mac & Linux versions will be coming once the PC version is the best it can be.
  • A change to assist AI in ped chase will be coming in the next update (peds will spawn closer to AI race paths).
  • Ped improvements will be coming: materials, textures and finer model details on faces.
  • More power-ups will be coming in future updates.
  • Fan mods that Stainless are especially impressed by may become official later down the line.
  • New environments will be coming.
  • New content is currently WIP for a future update (several cars, tracked vehicles).
  • Current 'itinerary' for future updates: one large update, one small treat, another large update.
  • The devs would love to see ped modifying (big heads, stick insects, etc) and car modifying power-ups.
  • Excessive damage from environment collisions (following the use of offensive power-ups) will be reduced in a future update.
  • In the future, only one repulsificator will be issued per power-up barrel.
  • One day, once all the optimisation work is done, there will be peds in multiplayer.
  • New ped animals will be coming.
  • New environments will ideally be factored into the existing career, so you can go back to unlock them.
  • Additional save slots will be added to the career in future updates.

(Thanks to Mad Mike for this list!)

Older sessions

(Warning: Long list!)

Spoiler: Older sessions
  • May 6th
    • The devs are trying to make it so that you'll be able to see rooms with matches in progress, instead of only seeing rooms that are waiting for players.
    • The thing where the driver lags behind the moving vehicle when it's trying to fly inside of it, via repair? That was a glitch, but was deemed too funny to fix, so it's now intended.
    • April 29th
      • Grass textures on 2D planes with an alpha channel will likely be a thing in a post-final release update.
      • Peds With Stupid Heads won't be a thing.
    • April 22nd
      • There might be a blog post later containing the Die Anna pratcam footage they never used.
      • Cheats will be available on a post-release update. Having them available at release time would lead to huge spoiler.
      • Target peds in Ped Chaser are made easier to kill on purpose. It was too frustrating to reach the ped first, only for it to survive in a collision and for somebody else to kill it.
    • April 8th
      • Depth-of-field blurness on objects near the camera will be disabled by default, in the future.
      • Two-wheel vehicles are still WIP.
    • March 25th
      • Carmageddon Funsize support for newer devices is in the todo list.
      • The screams you hear when the monorail passes on purpose. It's because the people inside are trapped!
      • The "building of the future" will eventually have a loading bar. Just aesthetic, of course.
      • The final trailer will have peds glued to the ground suffering from temporary rapture, resulting in peds getting sliced in half, top half going to the heavens. Thanks go to Epitaph for this suggestion (more info here).
      • The bloody hand cursor is not in scope.
    • March 18th
      • There won't be any more versions between now and the final release, as releasing a new build steals precious development time.
      • Backers that are entitled to extra content will receive an instruction e-mail when the game comes out.
      • Tracked vehicles and Carmodgeddon will only be a thing after the final release.
      • Text chat in multiplayer is not in scope.
      • Max being able to come out of the car is a thing they'd like to see in future games.
    • March 4th
      • Peds in multiplayer will be a thing later -- if not in the final release, they'll at least come around in a patch.
      • The CPU won't be able to repair. Instead, any CPU that is lying there crippled, unable to move, will be targeted and destroyed by passer-by CPU opponents.
      • The ability to pick drivers that aren't Max or Die is not in scope.
      • Swimming peds won't be a thing. Imagine chasing the last ped only to find it miles away at sea.
      • Further car customization features won't be a thing in this game, but maybe in upcoming Stainless games.
      • Having the screen shake on strong impacts is not in scope, but might be a feature present in future games.
      • In order for arrow barriers to flake off bits, they can't be used as ramps. However, Nobby already suggested to the team that they should have metal arrow barriers, which can't be damaged, but can be used as ramps, as per the classic games.
      • The ability to randomly choose a list of events to play in multiplayer might be a thing later.
      • In response to the addition of a ground rail train: who's to say that Stainless hasn't done it? [Cue Nobby doing the "maaaaaaaybe" gesture]
      • Solid Granite Peds were meant to exist... But they just never did.
    • February 25th
      • You can submit your own translations so they go in the game. You may wanna ask Stainless more about how to go about this, though.
      • Drugs powerup won't return.
      • There won't be any official tourneys.
      • The beta is content-complete, but more things will come in the future (maps, cars).
      • Hell Hound (Val Hella's dog) HAS to be a ped, so keep an eye out for it in the future.
      • Online interplay between GOG and Steam users will be a thing they'll look for in the future.
      • The next game in the Carma lineage won't be "Carmageddon: Reincarnation 2", it'll just be "Carmageddon: Something Else" (Something Else being something else).
      • Some checkpoints are currently in places the CPU can't reach, but that'll change.
      • In classic Carma, there'll always be two opponents going after your arse.
      • Capture the Flag and Deathmatch is not in scope, but should be possible, specially with mods.
      • Spectator mode won't be a thing (unless I misheard, because they lowered their volume to a whisper when talking about this)
      • Steam server browser support is something they'll ask and get an answer for in the next few days.
      • Splitscreen is still a work-in-progress.
    • February 18th
      • Keybind saving will only be present in a future patch.
      • Tracked vehicles and car splitting is still work-in-progress.
      • That horn you hear while the game is loading is only a bug, not a microwave "done" ding.
      • They're still not sure if they'll add a way for you to reset stats, but it "may be likely to happen".
      • If they can add more achievements, they will.
      • Cheat codes will be in later (but they exist in private builds!)
      • Pratcam isn't even in scope any more.
      • Postal X Carma could be a thing in the future; who knows? For now, the two franchises just have nods to one another.
      • They're still figuring out if the OST for the game will be available online.
    • February 11th (Special thanks to Fuel for this stream's list!)
      • Pratcam is not planned for the current scope.
      • No cockpit view, unless they get a massive petition for it.
      • Tracked vehicle tech has only just started, so King Merc and Project X may not make final release. Will definitely be in as DLC, though not clear if paid or free.
      • Kickstarter rewards will be sorted out after final release.
      • Console ports are a 'wish' for the team but will take time and effort.
    • September 24th
      • The caravans on Moose's Destruction Derby will be crushable.
      • Nobby finds the idea of quadcopters lifting up floating pickups funny.
      • It's in the development scope to have each environment have "lots" of race tracks.
      • Debris scattering (like grass leaves flying) is still coming soon.
    • September 10th
    • August 27th
      • A level that has lava or is lava-centric is still on the "would be nice" list, but it's not planned.
      • Nobby said that collecting the Stretch Goal pickup (i.e. not activating it via PIS) always makes you stretch in the same axis, and it shouldn't. However, both him and Sim forgot that one of the Stretch Goals they collected actually did stretch the car in another axis, so this is moot.
        • However, they came up with the idea of you holding a direction before getting the PUp to stretch in a certain axis all the time, a preference, as it were.
      • You'll be given the ability to zoom in and such on the Wrecks Gallery pretty soon.
      • Nobby finds the idea for a Carma Chameleon powerup funny, where your car flashes different colors.
    • August 20th
      • Water could eventually have reflections.
      • Neat idea: Douglas in an easter egg somewhere; smash the egg, get a Douglas.
      • Fart in a jar PUp needs to exist.
      • Blood splatters on the camera would be lovely.
      • Death Valley is being planned to return.
      • Cars on Stilts, a la Salvador Dali painting, would be neat
      • It's unknown if multiple slices per ped can happen, but last time Nobby checked, you can only spear two peds at once, at most.
      • Having the slaughter mortars be tiny Douglases would be amazing.
      • It'd be nice if the gibs would stick to the car.
      • Grass should become flat under the wheels (doesn't this happen already?)
      • Every other character being Nicholas Cage is obviously a fantastic idea.
      • It wouldn't be surprising to Nobby if blood were to eventually wash off of vehicles.
      • Cars flapping doors to remain in the air for longer -- let's just stick this idea on the bucket and see what can come up.
    • August 13th
      • A PUp like Spinnatron, but with a jet on the front and rear (or something like that? It comes from Split Second) -- Nobby likes the idea. Name is Sideswipe.
      • It'd be fun to have the tires of nearby opponents catch on fire when Spinnatron's used.
      • Lava that'd burn your tires, peds, and such would be cool, but still needs confirmation.
      • Spinning fans that blow your car upwards (RussellsFannies!) will return.
      • Team Deathmatch and other alternate game modes would probably be in DLC.
      • Peds should float more while under the effects of helium.
      • PIS will be in multiplayer, but obviously the game won't pause, and it's disableable by the admin.
      • The Shark is not affected by Object Repulsificator. "It's not proper!" says Nobby.
      • Even though it was discussed on the forums before, Nobby really accentuated the point that being wasted = race over should be a thing for higher difficulties (hardcore mode difficulty?)
      • Nobby likes the "cooking water bucket" effect... whatever that means.
    • August 6th
      • Action Replay will work for multiplayer, but naturally, you'll only be able to access it at the end of the race.
      • Sprite ped PUp is definitely unlikely. Too much work.
      • In the future, a "ONLY IN CARMAGEDDON!" tagline would be nice.
      • Drunk Driving has to return.
      • A PUp in which cows uncontrollably shit and fly around like high-pressure propane tanks would be pretty funny.
    • July 30th
      • Ped slicing should make it so that you can chop off an elephant's trunk.
      • It'd be neat to have peds ride on elephants.
      • Snow and other types of terrain should have their own skid marks.
      • The smoke coming out of a damaged car should be darker the closer the car is to being wrecked.
      • Dual-screen support should allow the player to have a map on one screen and the gameplay on another.
      • Bending and taking down trees is something that's still being balanced and tweaked.
      • Heavy cars should be able to cause more damage when driving on top of other cars.
      • Nobby likes the idea of intestines and the like becoming stuck on the vehicle's bodywork, but it might be out of reach.
    • July 23rd
      • The smoke on the player's damaged car will be made less opaque, so you can actually see your wreckmobile.
      • Bouncy Bouncy should make the Stiffshifter coffin's door open and close.
      • Freeplay will only be unlocked after you complete the main career mode.
      • Control over the Towmeister's hook is still being discussed by the devs. Expect some answer eventually.
      • You should be able to record your own sound bytes (in a specific format and quality) and add them to the game.
      • It'd be amazing if one of the ped interactions were to be a ped trying to revive another via CPR.
      • A powerup to make the peds' private parts and bottoms enormous would be hysterical.
      • Nobby liked the idea of the pratcam driver's face becoming more bloody the more damage the car has (like the Doomguy face in Doom).
      • Nobby also liked the idea of loose leaves falling off of trees when you crash against them.
    • July 16th
      • The Stiffshifter's horn will be some organ melody.
      • First-person camera is coming soon.
      • It'd be great if opponents could use the powerups they collect smartly, but for now, this is too far off.
      • It will be possible for the Stiffshifter's coffin to fall off (this already is possible), the dead brother to fall out of the coffin, and the player run the Grimm over.
      • There should be MagnuChem peds with oxygen tanks (or other molecules) on their backs, and when they're run over, bumped, smacked, or something else, their tanks should explode.
      • Nobby agrees that, if the player ejaculates Psycho Pitbull, a bonus called "What a nobhead!" should appear.
      • Nobby doesn't see why Vesuvian Corpses shouldn't return, as it's probably quite easy to implement.
    • July 9th
      • Surround sound will be supported.
      • Oculus Rift support is unlikely, even though the interiors are starting to become appropriate enough for OR to work well.
      • There should be peds based on the Carma dev team members, and, in the credits, mugshots from their ped forms should appear alongside their names.
      • There is a mines section planned for the desert map.
      • New opponent: Edna 101! Drives a pink Tashita.
      • Drones (traffic cars) won't return because they're both annoying, and would have to be pretty HD in order to look right.
      • There are plans to make the chassis spin on the car's front-to-back axis (imagine a wheel being higher than the other).
      • A fallback for the Supressor: the SUBpressor! This one will use four wheels.
      • Game modes that are purely co-op would be great, and might happen before the final release.
      • Flames that come out of exhaust pipes should cook peds.
    • July 2nd
      • Two new powerups confirmed: Miniature Cars and Giant Cars!
      • Fire will only appear on the vehicle when you're wrecked, never before.
      • There's an idea for a game mode where one player sprays and infects peds, and the other players must run them over before they're infected (unless I misheard something). This, however, is nothing more than an idea, which might or might not be revisited.
    • June 25th
      • Water effects are coming later on.
      • As far as Nobby knows, deer are on the list, but bunnies are not (too small).
      • The prat-cam will likely be a camera filming the cockpit, showing the 3D model of the character inside, as opposed to the pre-rendered real-life movies from the first game.
      • Rather than the Volkswerker's spikes falling off, they should bend, much like trees do.
    • June 4th
      • The rims on the Eagle are probably the default ones, though wheel customization will be a thing.
      • An option to toggle between miles per hour and kilometers per hour is likely.
      • Sim likes the idea of mechanics changing on different difficulties, like the AI only repairing on the harder difficulty modes.
      • The crew likes the idea of an option to toggle whether collecting a new item replaces the currently selected one.
      • A powerup to drive on water, called "Jebus" has been added to the list.
      • Agent Orange isn't meant to return, though he might appear in DLC.
      • An achievement to waste someone on the Stainless staff is planned.
      • "Cunt Hunter" should be something in some DLC.
    • May 28th
      • Wanda Lust will not return
      • PC version will have achievements, and the PS4 version will likely have trophies.
      • Car splitting isn't for quite a while.
      • Cars splitting more than once is unlikely.
      • Screwie's screw won't screw holes on the opponents.
      • Free-cam for regular play is unlikely, as you have it in Action Replay mode.
      • Celebrities as peds will only happen in mods, otherwise Stainless'd receive lawsuits to hell and back.
      • Vlad has a drag chute, but it's unlikely it'll work like an actual drag chute.
      • Credit saving will be important, so don't go around getting wasted and repairing over and over.
      • Female lifeguards really have been requested to the crew, they weren't a joke.
      • An harpoon powerup where you can harpoon peds and objects, and drag them along seems like it's in the works.
      • Not EVERYTHING will be announced or shown, otherwise the final version wouldn't have a big bang.
    • May 21st
      • There'll be as many different types of animals as possible.
      • Nobby believes that there is a cartoony punching glove powerup currently in the works.
      • There might be no way to cancel powerups. Details about Powerup Powerup Cancellificatinizerwere not given.
      • A pressure plate that makes a crane drop its cargo and squash what's below should be easy to implement, and sounds like a fun idea.
      • The final game will have more than 10 levels.
      • The final version is aimed to be release early autumn.
      • Mouselook will happen.
      • Blood splatters on the camera are being considered.
      • A powerup that makes peds waddle around headless, like chicken, is a good idea.
      • Having a trailer attached to the car as a powerdown is a good idea.
      • There'll be a snowy level eventually.
      • Hellrod is planned to return.
      • Broken glass puncturing tyres is probably too complex, both implementation- and performance-wise, and player confusion-wise.
    • May 14th
      • Peds that are always talking on their phones is something in scope.
      • Exclusive fans will eventually put the exclusive Eagle on the Steam Workshop.
      • Nobby believes that a Katamari PUp is planned, one where everything sticks to your car.
      • The planned number of cars is in the high 20s.
      • There are plans to make the smelly bushes purchasable in the store.
      • Solid Granite Peds and the like might happen.
      • APO pickups mightn't exist, because people focus on finding them instead of Carmaing.
      • Ped Flamethrower will return, and is now known as Napalm.
      • There will likely be a racetrack-like map, in multiplayer.
      • Multiplayer game hosts will be able to configure a load of settings.
      • There might be swearing peds.
      • It's unlikely that the cables on power posts will snap when you pass by them.
      • Black people and other types of races will be added later.
      • Peds attacking (like cops shooting) is something Nobby likes, but it's always been low-priority.
    • May 7th
      • The dump truck in the city level will probably be used for something...
      • Challenges (right? I kinda didn't listen well enough) will be along the lines of using KoC to reach a high-up SGC.
      • There's a comic planned to come.
      • Internal cam is closer to being considered; interiors are detailed enough to be a possibility.
      • No dinosaurs in vanilla C:R.
      • You'll be able to pick the CU:NT after you complete the game once.
      • It's planned to make servers send you any add-on files they're using, instead of you having to get them somewhere before joining in.
      • The AI will find their way to you more often than in previous games.
      • The Tashita is being worked on.
      • Giant Peds, Peds With Stupid Heads and Mutant Tail Thing will return.
      • Showing cops in the wreckage gallery is likely, but screen space will have to be thought out, first.
      • Nobby likes "Ejaculated!" (or "Ejectulated!" or even others) being announced when somebody is shot out of the driver seat; so much so that he asked to have that added to a list. Any list! This is a list, here!
      • Russel Hughes, former Stainless employee, will be the driver for the DeGory'Un.
      • "Time of day" events will be a thing. Like a race on the ice level at night, another during the afternoon, etc.
    • April 30th
      • Chances are it will be possible to drive the Electric Blue with Electro-bastard Ray disabled (either an option, button, or alternate vehicle that has it disabled).
      • It will be possible to change the car resistance via modding.
      • Electric Blue exploding on contact with the water is a funny idea, but that's probably all it is.
      • The maximum map size is pretty much limited by what your computer can do, that's it.
      • Wall Climber will return, very likely.
      • The overhangs on curved walls, in the Magnuchem level, exist so that you can waste opponents instead of making them fly around.
      • Game modes: Fox n' Hounds, Deathmatch, Checkpoint Stampede, Ped Chase and maybe others I missed :|
      • Pickups will explode on collection.
      • Scaring peds shitless by sneaking up on them with the horn = yes. On that note, shitting cows and peds as well.
      • A "gun game" mode (comes from Counter Strike Source) where you switch cars is an interesting idea.
      • Power lines sparking, hydrants spewing water, etc. are all last-minute detail changes, so they'll take a while to come.
      • The Electric Blue taking so much damage that the EBR stops working is a good idea.
      • The Electric Blue is a very late-game car, to not make the game overly easy. Also, some peds will still be hard to reach regardless.
      • Editing the menu's graphics should be easy.
      • Nobby is fond of the larger on-screen scrollers, but screen space might be a concern.
      • Exhausts will work correctly, eventually.
      • A mode like "Mayhem" from Saints Row would be nice, but modders will probably have to do it.
      • Right now, peds explode with the Electro-bastard Ray. They'll actually char in the future.
      • The bucket on the Dump will be controllable, though it doesn't yet.
      • Adding more cars and general mods should be easy: just drag a folder into another folder. You might need to tweak a Lua file in order to tell the game about its existence.
      • Barrels are being redesigned.
      • 6-wheeled cars will be possible.
      • Nobby likes fish peds. Whales too.
      • It'll be possible to remove Vlad's bodywork and only have the frame.
      • The team's keen on making a pratcam loading webcam feed.
      • APO will be buyable in single player, and collectible in multiplayer.
      • Police peds should appear.
      • Repairing without altering the bodywork will be a thing eventually.
      • There'll be a new webstore with physical goods.
      • Custom car sounds are being worked on.
      • Engines will backfire (pop, and belch fire) when there's a throttle over-run; currently only the code for this exists.
    • April 23rd
      • It might be possible to choose whether your driver is always Max/Anna or the original car's driver.
      • Opponents will be able to repair.
      • You will be able to enter buildings with glass doors, fragile windows, etc.
      • It's been said before, but there are no missions. There are "challenges" instead.
      • A grid of cars might be implemented for the car selection screen (like Funsize), instead of scrolling one-by-one.
      • No story. The flavor text of each stage is all you need.
      • The ripples caused by hitting a mine might be reduced, they're too exaggerated.
      • There will likely be a demo (trial) when the final game is up.
      • No cats. Yes dogs.
      • Cars will be able to get covered in blood, dirt, etc.
      • Some peds will ride bikes (at least they're aiming for that), others will interact with the environment, like roadworkers working.
      • Electric Blue and Vlad for the next update.
      • Dash cam is still low priority.
      • TF2 and other Valve peds are a maybe.
      • Some sort of zoo will exist... unless it's a farm.
      • The C2 status bar might return, but probably not.
      • There should be twerking peds, when you grab the groovin' peds PUp.
      • Peds with additional damage skins are a maybe.
      • Checkpoints will be pass through, because you have loads of things to smack against, and it helps when you're actually racing.
      • 2WD will be implemented eventually.
      • Jelly Suspension will be back.
      • Powerups will get more visual effects.
      • The license plate for Kutter might be changed from COUNT1 to CNTSLASH.
      • Articulated trailers should return.
      • The school bus needs to exist.
      • Mother Trucker would be cool, but is not planned.
      • Project-X is planned as a tracked-vehicle.
      • The cops will not target the AI, and cop-AI deaths will be accidental.
      • Increasing game difficulty will make the AI (and the cops?) more aggressive.
      • It will be possible to add your own race routes to existing environments.
    • March 26th
      • Splitscreen mode is confirmed and is currently being developed.
      • The ability to shut down specific animals is confirmed.
      • Easter eggs are confirmed.
      • The ability to keep driving after being wrecked is not just a pre-alpha or freeplay mode thing. The idea is that the player shouldn't be punished.
      • Weather is a maybe, and day-to-night cycle is unlikely, out-of-scope.
      • There will be loads of camera types, and free cam will be improved.
      • Saving and loading replays as files is confirmed.
      • Exporting replays to GIF files is confirmed.
      • The AI teleporting around is unlikely as it's unneeded now, but they can still recover.
      • Wheelspin is meh, but given the pressure, they might find a way to squeeze it in the game.
      • The amount of HUD visible (HUDage) will be changeable, and an option includes having the icons for the opponents and checkpoint circle around the edge of the screen.
      • Nobby would love to see an HD sprite ped mode, so that's a maybe.
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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:05

    How on earth the wheelspin is a meh? Omg..

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:08

    I am stoked about the object free cam. But I couldn't tell if the gif thing was sarcastic or not. Though I would hope to see the wheel spin, at least as an option, even if it is initially unbound.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:15

    Mad Max wrote:
    How on earth the wheelspin is a meh? Omg..

    I also don't have a need for wheelspin, never remember using it before. Aside from being happy with the things said in the stream, I am also happy about them saying you will be able to change car colors.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:21

    In the end I barely managed to get some glimpses of the stream, as my father was meddling with the router settings and spent most of the time offline. So angry...

    Anyway, I heard Nobby talking about upgrades and car updates, what did he say? Did he mention anything about visual upgrades? And any mention on improved car damage?

    Max is back. Let there be blood and motor oil

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:22

    I woke up at like 4:30 am this morning to see the live stream happing and i would have stuck around if it wern't for the stream being so high quality that even on the low settings from twitch right click open the pannel and select view to low instead of default to high. was too much for even my bandwith to handle and i can get 2.5 mb's a sec.

    Some of the discussions are going to really take off after this, I saw the bleak city map at one or 2 extra frames hitting cows and whatnot. I think it looks kickass, Cant wait to get hands on it. But as for all the extra stuff Well i was hoping they would let us know about the funding levels though steam once it got released.

    And maybe choose what could get into the game after they completed most of what they have planned on the table and then they could possibly think about what is next.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:23

    Mad Max wrote:
    How on earth the wheelspin is a meh? Omg..

    Nobby never used it, and apparently others haven't as well. I used it quite a bit, so seeing that it might return fills me up with glee.

    subzero wrote:
    I am stoked about the object free cam. But I couldn't tell if the gif thing was sarcastic or not.

    Carma2 already had a free cam where you could lock on to objects, and it was awesome! I think you couldn't lock on to accessories and the like, though. As for the gif thing, I can't really see it being sarcastic, as it's pretty trivial to implement.

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    I'm currently working on a Pikmin fan engine.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:30

    Hopefully "Fingers Crossed" there will be camera settings to at least adjust fov, if not more(Iris, and playback at different framerates.) That, combined with the other options would be great. Though I am grateful with what nobby just announced.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:35

    Day*Night cycle is unnecessary but different time of day per tracks and environnement should be standard. I hope foggy nighttime return, as it made bleak city and other tracks a gritty feel.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:39

    wiski wrote:
    Mad Max wrote:
    How on earth the wheelspin is a meh? Omg..

    I also don't have a need for wheelspin, never remember using it before.

    Its very useful to turn around fast.

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    Submitted: Wed, 26/03/2014 - 19:44

    Weather would add a lot to the environment. Not a "must have" but it would be cool.

    I always hated the opponents teleporting behind you after you pushed them off a cliff or outran them, so that sounds like an improvement.

    Never used wheel spin, handbrake only.