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[Tutorial] How to transfer the save from the Promo to the Paid/Humble Bundle version.

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[Tutorial] How to transfer the save from the Promo to the Paid/Humble Bundle version.
#1 Submitted: Wed, 25/09/2013 - 19:12

Scroll down to post no. 4 for the tutorial or click bellow:

Hi, I have the Promo version of Carmageddon for Android which I've played to death.
Humble Bundle released an Android Bundle today and among them was Carmageddon. I bought it assuming it contained the "Paid" version but it turns out it is a different version entirely, called com.stainlessgames.carmageddonhumble .

In any case I tried to transfer my save from the promo version per this thread:
But every time I start the game I get blank save slots.
I even tried playing a little to create save slots which loaded fine but as soon as I copy the promo save it gets blanked again.

Is there any way to import my progress to the humble version or did I just bought it to continue playing the Promo but somehow feel a little warmer and fuzzier inside tonight?


EDIT: Never mind, found it. It appears when you copy the file the permissions don't carry over which causes the new game to not have access to the copied file. As soon as I edited said permissions (Read/Write/Execute) to allow all the game loaded the save file just fine!

FYI: One additional step I took as a precaution that might not actually be needed was that after I loaded the save and started a race I switched to ES Explorer and deleted the save file, then switched back to the game and finished the race. What that did was that when I finished the race the game created a new file instead of trying to update the old one which MIGHT have saved me from a headache or two down the road!

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Submitted: Fri, 27/09/2013 - 04:34

Hey Keyperos.

Is there any way you could do a tutorial on how you did this? Including each step, and any links to software needed.
Something like this? :
1. Plug your tablet into the pc.
2. Open 'My Computer' and double click the 'tablet name'.
3. Click on the 'whatever name' folder and open it, and dig down to the 'whatever name' folder.
4. Copy file 'x' to the desktop.
5. Redo the properties of the file (you mentioned something about read only, so just mentioning that here).
6. Use software 'A' to open the file.
7. Blah blah blah
8. 9. 10 .11. 12. etc Blah blah blah
13. Launch the paid version of the game, and go to 'wherever' to load the game.
14. Have fun!

That would be extremely helpful (and an extremely helpful sticky (hint hint mods). :)


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Submitted: Fri, 27/09/2013 - 09:46

Oh yeah. I forgot stickies were a thing. If someone can make a topic that thoroughly explains everything in detail, for all sorts of versions and whatever, it should really be stickied.

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Submitted: Sun, 29/09/2013 - 18:01

Well, what I did was mostly what the thread I linked to said

In any case, the "walkthrough" won't be a step-by-step guide mainly because if someone NEEDS it to be any more detailed than that then chances are that he/she can't even do basic tweaking of his/her device which in turn means he/she could mess something BAD. At the very least it could turn out that the save is lost permanently.
That said, if you have ever been able to Copy-&-Paste a file from your PC to a USB Stick then you SHOULD be able to do this too without too much trouble but again, if you find this to be too complicated then chances are you should leave things well alone because I will NOT be held responsible for whatever resulting screw-up.

Now, first off this method requires write access to the device's DATA partition and I am unsure if you can do it without root.
However worthy of note is that the free app "Helium" (found on Google Play) does allow backing up with no root by use of a companion app that you need to install to your computer so perhaps that might work too. If someone with an un-rooted device wants to try I could add it here later.

SO, provided we have write access to data we need to have both versions we need to copy the save from/to installed AND EXECUTED AT LEAST ONCE. Some files are only created on the game's first execution and we need everything to be there.

Then, using a file explorer that allows to navigate to the device's top partitions (I used ES Explorer which is free on Google Play) we navigate to
"data/data/com.stainlessgames.carmageddonpromo/files/" That's "data" TWICE, the first "data" is the partition and the second "data" is an actual data folder i.e. where apps store their installed data.
Inside you will find 3 or 4 files, the one we need is CarmaSaveGame.
If your device IS rooted then you need to activate "Root Explorer". On the latest ES Explorer you need to press the "Menu" button (be it a physical, capacitance or on-screen one - the 3 horizontal dots), open "Tools" and go to "Root Explorer" and switch the "OFF" to "ON". As soon as you do, the Root controller app (SuperUser, SuperSU etc) will notify you that ES Explorer requests root access. Choose to ALLOW ALWAYS (the wording might be different).

Now, all you need to do is copy said file (DON'T MOVE, COPY just to make sure that if something goes wrong you still have a functional file).
In ES Explorer file manipulation happens by LONG PRESSING on the file name. So, long press on the CarmaSaveGame file until a "tick" sign appears on the right. Bellow you'll see some commands, choose "Copy".

Now, depending on which OTHER Carmageddon version you have the folder for the other game is different.
If you have the Google Play version then you need to navigate to "data/data/com.stainlessgames.carmageddon/files/"
If you have the Humble Bundle version then you need to navigate to com.stainlessgames.carmageddonhumble/files/.
There, you select the "Paste" command. If you already had a save you will be asked whether you'd like to replace the other save with this one, choose Yes.

Now, the tricky part was the permissions. In Android like in Linux, there are 3 types of permissions and for 3 KINDS of users. There's "Read", "Write" and "Execute" for the file's "Owner", the owner's "Group" and "Other" for everyone else.
Again, on "ES Explorer" the steps are like so:
While you still are at the folder where the new version's newly copied CarmaSaveGame file is, as before you LONG PRESS on the file's name until the "tick" sign appears on the right of the name, this time however you select the 3 Dots for "More" (or just press your device's "Menu" button) and select "Properties".
Then, on the lower half you'll see "Permissions" displaying the file's current permissions and a "Change" button on the right. Select "Change" and then make sure to tick all 9 "Permissions" BUT DON'T TOUCH THE LOWER 3, SET UID, SET GID AND STICKY BIT. Select OK and then you should be done!

Now, like I said an additional step that I took that might not actually be needed but I did to make sure the file was properly re-created was that after I loaded the new version of the game and successfully loaded the save and started a race I switched (as in, DIDN'T EXIT) to ES Explorer and DELETED the newly copied save file, then switched back to the game and finished the race. What that did was that when I finished the race the game created a new file instead of trying to update the old one which MIGHT have saved me from a headache or two down the road!