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Spintires - Kickstarter on now

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Spintires - Kickstarter on now
#1 Submitted: Sat, 18/05/2013 - 00:17

so yeah, the little tech demo that (hopefully) could, is looking to be turned into an actual full fledged game, all i have to say to that is it awesome news to my ears.

it's got about just under a month left and a frankly microscopic goal of only about 40,000 to reach so honestly in my opinion i don't exactly see this one not being funded as much of a possibility.

all the same though, this is what i would call a textbook bad tier layout for the kickstarter campaign, why?
well first off, the game itself at a minimum, $30 USD for a game like this is a fuckton of an asking price $20 a head seems a bit right, $30 a head for a game that started out as a tech demo? that just comes off as egotistical, or greedy, not sure which personally. also don't be mistaken, that's a bare bones copy of the game, no thank you, no beta, nothing of the sort and honestly i really have to second guess pledging towards anything on kickstarter that's not offering beta/alpha access at a reasonably priced tier (not $157) because that's what nearly everyone does offer.

secondly while i'm critiquing kickstarter campaign tiers, there simply are not enough choices here to be made, where's the bare bones copy + beta for under $50-$60 USD, i could see spending that much and even missing out on some of the DLC on offer for early access and the privilege to help bug test but just cannot justify as much as they ask, not even close in fact.
but thirdly, the top level pledge is the $157 beta access level, why? sure it's the least amount of money i've ever seen a game in development ask for on kickstarter but why not have the $10,000 level and higher pledges just in case?
even if most gamers can't afford that much other developers who take notice and interest are likely to wonder why they're so limited on chipping in towards an even better game.

fourth? why have i talked so little about the game so far? well there's a very good reason for that, it's far too much fun to simply talk about it, give the video a watch, get stuck in the mud with the two demos they've released so far (or check out the yogscast's video on the old tech demo) and just try to stop drooling over this game, it's not easy, but this is one case where talk is most definitely cheap you just have to try it out for yourself to really appreciate it in my opinion.

personally, definitely pledging up for this one come the first, i've been hoping to see a full game out of it.

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Submitted: Sun, 06/04/2014 - 22:41

Hey man,

Only got to answering this now. Sorry :s

I am happy to see that the KS project made its goal!
Keep me posted when it is released, love to take a look at it!
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