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Splat pack


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Submitted: Tue, 18/02/2014 - 04:53

I just *have* to bump this up. Carmageddon on the iPad is so much fun and I really feel Stainless should not abandon the idea of releasing the Splat Pack and Carma II for iOS. The game is absolutely lovely on the retina display - and that butter smooth 60fps makes it even better. :)

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Submitted: Wed, 05/03/2014 - 12:21

I agree, on iPhone and iPad both, this game is an absolute blast on mobile. Splatpack or Carma 2 would both be bought in an instance!

I bought Carma 2 from GOG but urgh, while it does run the controls and menus are terrible, as are the graphics by now.(Even compared to Carma 1 on iOS).

The keybindings are a pain to configure too. A version polished up the same way and released on iOS (and if possible, even Steam) would be amazing.

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Submitted: Sat, 29/03/2014 - 16:39

I agree, even though I am playing C:R a lot now, yesterday I had some fun on my Android Tablet as well. Would love Splatpack to appear there as well... eventually.

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Submitted: Tue, 26/04/2016 - 12:40

I would pay 5 dollars for splat pack and 10 for carmageddon 2 on ios

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