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Forum Rules
#1 Submitted: Sun, 22/05/2011 - 13:09

Welcome to the official Carmageddon Community!

Please read the terms of use and privacy policy.

Do not post anything that could be perceived as discriminatory, gross or offensive; such as racist, sexist, pornographic, profane, vulgar, derogatory, hateful, or threatening content and “shock” images or websites.
Please refrain from the following:

- Advertising
- Bashing and defamatory comments
- Referencing copyright material
- Excessive cursing and profanity
- Threatening behaviour
- Flaming
- Hate speech (cultural, racial etc. intolerance)
- Posting malicious links (including links to pirated software)
- Naming and shaming
- Petitions
- Spamming
- Trolling or Baiting

Remember, we’re all here to discuss Carmageddon and have a good time!

In a nutshell, please be respectful, constructive, and civil at all times while on the official Carmageddon forums.

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