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'A Trip Down Memory Lane'

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:37

Ah... the sweet memories... You know, I find it odd at how I could even play the games. When I started playing them (read: when I was a wee kid), computers were already good enough to play Carma2 at around 60FPS. I was stuck with my old machine, playing the game at an average of 10FPS. But did that take away from the experience? AH! Note even close. In fact, some years later, I tried Carmageddon TDR 2000, and its minimal requisites include a Pentium II processor. My old Pentium processed computer ran CarmaTDR just fine (if you can call 5FPS fine). But, damn, that was the most loyal computer I ever had. And Carmageddon games were the best things to play on it. Not much else could fit in its tiny hard-drive AND still work.
Then there were the times where I discovered cheats, when I started modding (amateurishly), when I finally got the fly cheat to work...
The Carmageddon series have got me so fascinated that I translated most of the games into Portuguese. I also made around half of the 500+ pages on Carmageddon Wikia. During all that time, I learned a lot of epic stuff about the series. The rough road through the censorship lane, the cars and powerups and such you had planned, the way you guys smacked Tony with a pool cue to simulate the crashes... In retrospect, given the physics, the fun, the diversity, the powerups, the cars, the races, the hard work putting into developing the games, the community, and everything... I gotta say. I shouldn't have played Carmageddon as an underaged kid. But wow. It was a well spent childhood.
My best moment in the games? The parts where I was actually playing them.

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:40

I think my most fun Carmageddon moment was after I'd beaten the game (not for the first time either, I think).

I'd managed to steal the police APC, and had enough cash to upgrade everything to the max, making the vehicle a concrete block moving at rocket speeds :D

Anyway, I was driving along in one of the city maps, and driving up a hill, which ended quite abruptly (as in, it went up at an angle, then flat again... so it was really just a ramp!). The car, going at ridiculous speeds, flew off the edge of the ramp, flew for a good 10 seconds, over the train-rail in the sky.
THEN, it landed, specifically it landed on a lamp post, sending it flying into the air, and causing the car to skid, which hit about 10 pedestrians, causing a combo.

THEN, as I started to drive off (heading towards the next group of pedestrians a few yards away), which was a good 10 to 20 seconds after I'd landed... out of nowhere, the lamp post fell out of the sky, landing in the group of pedestrians, killing most, giving me another combo :D

I've never forgotten that moment, and wished I had something like fraps back in the day to capture that.

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:41

wow c1 and c2 are my best games ever, i played this for so long, even some months ago i played them again using dgVoodoo (glide emulator better than d3d) at full 1440*900 with perfect graphics, the physics are amazing even today, i can´t understand how you guys did it back then

well the game is so awesome, the music, the fun, you can do what you want, sometimes my car went flying because of tnt for almost a minute, then tnt + pinball = killing machine, i killed some enemies by this way

then pedestrians were so funny, the power ups were insane crazy funny, slowmo, suicidal, fat, lol, amazing really, then cows, dogs, so lol

wow amazing games, i am going to install them again to have lots of fun right now

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:47

"I've had the luck to find this game just a few hours before its retire from stores!", said a dear friend of mine.
I saw all those green pixels fly all around in that 15" display. And already I knew I coulndn't play with it, having only an IBM/PS1 bought in 1992, without any CD-ROM drive...

PlayStation version. Wow. I must have it, now. Awww, how the hell does it cost?!!? But... What I'm seeing there? An used copy only a week after its entry...!? Well, let's go.
I just LIVE in it. Pixels as big as stones, who cares? That athmosphere so sick, those road signs sprayed of fresh blood... My Eagle who merrily distributes free death on every unfortunate soul who walk (crazy people!) on the road...

The digital carnage continues on my PC, finally. C1 & C2, what a shock for my eyes -and my back, especially-. My ears was been kidnapped by Fear Factory: nothing else runned in my car radio for months and months. I also started to print some nice adhesive for my car (the real one :P). I've stolen one of that office bar with letters, used to show employers' names... and I've put it in my car, with my nickname... always this one, obviously. :)

TDR2000 comes with all its fury, letting me enjoy intensily its graphic, its soundtrack ("HANDS UP! HANDS UP! HANDS UP! WHO WANTS TO DIIIIEEEEE!!"), its 2X, 3X, 4X combos, all. And I was waiting for a new game, expected in 2005...

Damn! Where is my spiked bumper? It should be somewhere in my garage, yet...

Greetings from Italy!

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:48

Its hard to pinpoint one thing or moment, here are a few that i recall;
- The super disturbing but hilarious chick car thing (the glass one where all car sounds were changed into moans)
- Breaking the monstertruck lambo (the yellow one with drill onfront) in two when i skidded out of a corner
- In tdr2000, in that stunt park, i blazed over a ramp to show a friend the cool view over the park, only to meet anna midair and die in a flaming ball of fire, while she carried on to overrun pedestrians.
- The map where there was the train rails (from tunnel to tunnel, short straight piece of rails) to cross to get to a mountain, i always loved driving up the mountain and pushing off sheep for great bonuses
- Opening the console of tdr2000 literally a few hours after seeing wargames on tv

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:50

Well, The first time that I played Carmageddon I was twelve. My fathers did not like that I played this game and both punished me to never play carmageddon again. The theorical reason was the extremely violence of the game for children, the practical reason was that my father started playing it and monopolized the computer.

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 14:51

i remmember that one day i finished a race in the hardest way possible... too time to spend = kill all the civilians... that was fun.

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 15:07

Picture the scene. The night before i am about to go to lanazorte for the first time, bouncing about the house trying to keep my mind off the fact we were about to go on holiday for 2 weeks. My dad was getting pissed off with how excited i was so gave me a game magazine, (i think pc gamer) that i was originally to keep for the car journey to the airport. Heading up stairs i started up my old Compaq presiaro and started looking at what demos there was. Seeing a car game and one about destroying other racers my 14 year old body couldn't install the game fast enough. i still remember clearly playing the demo, over and over and over and over. If folk remember that far back the demo had a timer on it, and once the timer was gone the splash screen would come up asking you to buy the game and would then exit. I grew to hate that splash screen.

So i had to keep starting the demo to continue playing, restarting the race causing some mass destruction. Rinse repeat. I still laugh, cause i remember my dad coming in my room after a few hours telling me to get to bed since we were flying early in the morning and all i was interested in was playing this demo.

And its funny how i still rememeber all the sounds of screaching metal and sounds the game had. Good times. So began my love my caramagedon, many an hour wasted playing both 1 and 2. Yet to this day, i don't think i ever completed a race by actually racing. Much more fun destroying everything in your path.

"Its better to burn out, than to fade away"

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 15:16

2am, 11 years old, Summer Break, I just installed my first video card (Diamond Monster Stealth), and after the 20 agonizing minutes of install for the game, the opening movie made me hug my computer. I remember playing for days on end, every time I would finish the game I would start it over again, and the perfect blend of slaughter and metal \m/ o.O \m/ made me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Carmageddon played a pretty significant role in my growing up. Mainly the introduction to fear factory. And the fact that when I'm driving down the road my friends see a pedestrian they yell "10 Points", I still say "300 Credits" or "+2 Seconds!", I still have to remember that orange barrels on the side of the road to not contain opponent repuslificators or solid granite car. I have long wanted to convert my vehicles into the magnificent Mad Max style delusion, but not for show, never for show.

There is almost not a day that goes by that I do not miss this franchise.

Welcome back Stainless

I'll see your ass on the starting line..

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Submitted: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 15:17

I was maybe ten or eleven years old. My school, remnant of a soviet police station (at least in my imagination) had a dimly lit dungeon with twenty Pentium-era computers in it. Our teacher, a guy called Uncle Peter never explained how to use them, he just said, "Wull, press sum buttuns and see wut huppuns"
And we did press some buttons and something did happen.
But while every computer had decent and mature games like Putt Putt, only one had a game called Carmageddon. It wasn't isntalled on mine. It was installed on the computer next to me. Where my best friend sat.
I asked Uncle Peter:
"Is it possible to copy it to my computer as well?"
"Dunnu. I dunt have a cable or sumthun."
So I asked my friend:
"Can I play it?"
"Of course not", he said. And he played like there wasn't anything else in the world
So I watched him play. And my anger was growing. I murdered him in my imagination every bloody way possible. But I didn't say anything.
And then one day my mother bought me a computer. And through some contacts I got my copy of Carmageddon.
One day, my friend came over. And I said:
"I have Carmageddon. But you will not play it. You just fuckin' watch."
And then, in that moment of revenge I realized, that this is stupid. One hour later we were playing Carmageddon, taking turns as we progressed and splattered guts all over the damn city, we destroyed cars, ourselves, laughed like morons.
And it wasn't over when we turned off the computer. When we finished, we found some old toy cars. We just beat them to each other and screamed like maniacs.
And nobody even cared that this so called Carmageddon wasn't supposed to be played by children.
Yet here I am. Got my driving license. I'm in a relationship. And still. When I saw the announcment for Carmageddon, I almost screamed like a ten year old driving a spikey-bladey monster of machine and killing everyone in sight. Almost.
As the years passed, I had drawn literally every Car in my notebooks, and since 2000 I was always hoping for a new Carmageddon game, and here it is. Hopefully not tainted by the disgusting trends of the modern game industry and delivering only what I expect: dismemberfest.
So what happened to Uncle Peter? Dunno. What happened to my friend? I see hime very rarely. But still, we make references that no one can understand. We pass by an earthmover and we just say: "Gotcha!"

/sorry if my english is not perfect, but this was a good practice :)/

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