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'A Trip Down Memory Lane'

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Submitted: Sun, 26/06/2011 - 10:37

I tell you what I remember:

Carmageddon is like finger to all other race games, while it out runs them, trought sidewalk full of people, in heavily modified Eagle !!! thats what i remember and thats why I love it!

The first carmageddon thing I played was demo of carma1 splat pack where 3dfx was introduced, until that day I knew only NFS and some other race games, but when I splashed few sheeps and than another 20 helpless peds I knew that carmageddon is game for me, I immidietly bought carma1. And I just dont know how or why but this twisted fun was so much fun for me. later on after i got carmageddon2 and than day when TDR2000 was relsed in CzechRepublic I ran to shop to get it. I loved those games I love how it just pertend to be a race game, while the point is set to entairly different positions. I played it vanilla I played it wit cheats, i played it with custom cars and maps, with custom peds I grew up on it. =D But I must say That TDR2000 was somehow .... different I .. I think that carmageddon1+splatpack and carmageddon2 were best!

carma1 cool atmosphere design of levels and sounds

carma2 amazing destrustion model of cars

carma3 ...I dont know It was different...but OK

Since those times I tryed to play lot of newer games,which oviously wanted piece of carmageddon glory, but non of them not single one of them satisficed me. Not Burnout, not Twisted metal, or Fuel, Crashday, Clutch, Motostorm,Deadrace,Blur nothing NO! All those games have ONE EPIC FAIL, these are JUST racegames, where you need to keep in loop in correct direction and thats no fun for me, and arena modes to these are just ridicules.

I dont want new shiny spoiler for my car I want huge rustty sipeks!

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Submitted: Sun, 26/06/2011 - 21:45

I can remember playing Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now like i played it yesterday.
Racing around, trying to find that one box that makes you electrocute every single pedestrial you encounter, once you have it, race at max speed, finding as much as pedestrians as possible, untill you hit a corner of a building and your car would split in two..

Anyway, can't wait to see Carmageddon: Reincarnation hitting the stores!

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Submitted: Mon, 27/06/2011 - 12:52

This competition is now closed. A big massive Spank You for all the entries! The Winner and runners up will be announced on Friday 1st July and the names of the winners will be posted in this thread! Best of luck! X

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Submitted: Fri, 01/07/2011 - 15:36

Message in forum:

Hello particiPANTs! After countless hours of reading and chuckling through the competition entries, we eventually managed to come to a decision. It was VERY hard to pick from so many quality entries, so please don’t feel too choked up if you didn’t win – as for us any carma memory is a good memory!

Our Winner is Otis_P_Jivefunk who captured the Carma humour and had us in tears (of laughter) from the very first sentence! The story oozed the warped-out spirit of Carmageddon throughout. Thanks for leaving us with some unforgettable images too, Otis!

Our runners up are: QuiteQuacky , tender , BelgianBonsai
Kcin thank you one and all. Your stories touched us in places they shouldn’t…

Special virtual high fives to GOTCHA for telling such a strange story (men in white coats are on route to you) and roadsweeperr1989 for making us here ya go.... *high five*

The winner and runners up will be contacted via private message for their details! And once again thanks to all of you for taking the trouble to share your fondest, wildest, darkest memories with us. We really appreciate the time you spent slaving over a hot (and probably a bit wet) keyboard for our entertainment. Well done everyone! We had a good laugh reading them all there will be a new competition on 15th July, so keep your eyes open for more chances to win cool carma shit!

Sim and the Carma Dev team xxx

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