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New maps by using "SIM CITY" games

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New maps by using "SIM CITY" games
#1 Submitted: Mon, 16/04/2012 - 09:34

It will be very genius to use a map build by a gamer who play to "SIM CITY 4" or earlier verson of this video games. The idea is simple. You create your own city and when it become big enough for a carmageddon game, the computer generate himself the position of each pedestrian in the city, depending of the zone of the city. Cows or other animals in a agricultural zone, blind peoples, old womans and other people in commercial or residencial zone of the city. For the barrels effects, (blind pedestriands, pinball, instant brake, electro-chocks, etc...)the mail boxes or the lampposts of streets, would be replace by a random barrel. Or something else.

Even more crazy. You destroy a building with your car, the building will be rebuild in a slow tempo (during a long time to be entirely rebuild). The building fall on pedestrians and kill them, you receive a lot of bonus, credit and time. You destroy electric plants, all the city is in the dark. You destroy all the buildings before they are totally rebuild, or all the pedestrians, you win the game.

And to add some more fun to the new maps, it would be cool to create a "menu" who give you the luck to add some jumps or bridges on the roofs buildings, or barrel effects, or special characters, in a specific position of the new maps.

As you know, the first version of carmageddon, a lot of streets finish to a dead end. Specially in the cities maps. So, to extend a map of an original map of the new "carmageddon : reincarnation", It woud be cool that a dead end is replace by tunnel to switch to an other map, loaded from a "SIM CITY" game. The ennemys will follow you in the new city to continue the game.
That way, it become an extension of carmageddon games. You would be able to go to another city totally unkowned, you download from another gamer around the world by the web also. Imagine the game will not be definish by the limited maps of the original carmegaddon games. The game will be infinite, unlimited.

This stuff will be delicious to destroy !

From Snixboom, a old fan of carmageddon games.