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Competition: Lights, Carma, ACTION!

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Competition: Lights, Carma, ACTION!
#1 Submitted: Mon, 10/10/2011 - 20:11

Admin note: Due to unfortunate collateral damage the original competition thread has been lost to the mists of the interwebs. While recovery efforts are in progress, all entries and winners can be seen on the Carmageddon YouTube Channel!


Competition #2: Lights, Carma, Action!

Well well well…What have we here? Only, ANOTHER cracking competition don’tcha know!

This time, we want to see your Carmageddon videos! That’s right! Whether it’s an existing carma video you made back in the day and now sits gathering dust on a Hard Disk, or a brand new masterpiece of pure carnage, or vid of a funny mod or crazy car you made years ago… We want to see it! And the three that we like most will win a prize!

If you’ve never made a video of the game, then you can check out the Mods and Games sections of our forums for advice on getting the old games working on your shiny modern PC. There’s a whole bunch of useful threads, so pop over there and take a look – there’s advice on getting the games running, increasing the resolution, network games… Everything you need to give your old Carma games a new lease of life. It’s easy to save you vids with a free app such as Fraps. And Windows Live Movie Maker makes editing your clips a breeze! So what excuses have you got? Get on and send us your Oscar Winning Shit! All entries will be linked to the Official Carmageddon Youtube page too.

1st prize is a carmageddon limited edition goody bag including a signed t-shirt. Runners up will receive a signed t-shirt.

How to enter
To enter this competition simply posts your link here in this thread to your youtube video. Make sure the video on Youtube is commented with “Competition #2 “Lights, Carma, Action!” and ” (so we know it’s your video).
The winning entries will be announced on the forum after the competition closing date, and the competition winners will be contacted via private message for their full name and details to receive their prizes.


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Submitted: Fri, 26/08/2011 - 00:00

Hello, Sim here! It’s “Get Your Freak on Friday!” and more importantly, also time to announce the competition winners! :D

Many Spanks to you all for all the amazing entries! We really enjoyed every last minute of the carnage you put on display for us! All your videos were great, and we cannot stress enough how difficult it was to make our final decisions. We actually had to have a knife fight in order to decide the winner (I won, naturally). nobby’s got some new scars, and Trifle will be out of hospital next week – we’re all hoping that they managed to stitch it back on in time – no-one moreso than Mrs. Trifle!

Our winner is Larse with “Tribute to carmageddon 2” post 8# in the forum. Lars had some top Carma footage, and managed to skilfully edit his clips impeccably in time with the infuriatingly catchy soundtrack. Well done Lars – we’ll be in touch to find out what size exclusive “COMP WINNER” t-shirt you would like!

Our runners up:

HarmfulGravemind with his Meet the Cow
Fireman: Carmageddon: No Regrets
CoffeyCup : Ruined Roads
MaximusDamageus : Carmageddon II: Max Damage Built My Red Eagle
CS2: Carmageddon 2 - Crashograffiti II

Thanks again guys, you all made us laff like drains.

All of the entries have been put in a playlist on our dedicated carmageddon youtube channel. And the winner and runners up have been marked as our favourites!

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