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Carmageddon Mobile Title Feedback Signup

As part of our ongoing programme to keep growing the Carmageddon brand, a team of specialist mobile devs has been beavering away on the next Carmageddon mobile title.

Prior to going into soft launch we want to get unbiased feedback on the game in its current state from as many avid mobile gamers as possible.

We’re going to make Android builds available to volunteers in order to get feedback on the game. Android spec has “firmed up” now, and the main driving factor for “min spec” on Android is the API level, which is 15, meaning any device that can at least run Android 4.0.3 'Ice Cream Sandwich'. Performance is also key, so using this comparison website, basically anything that has a higher score than 14800 on the performance rating should run the game.

So, what would be great is if you are able to help us with this, then complete the form below to let me know and I’ll organise for you to get access to the game plus further instructions, once we’re ready to commence testing.

* Testing applications are now closed *