Tanking Wanking King Merc & Heinz Beans Fart Faust

Hi Carmafans, Sim here!

For today’s development update we bring you the awesomeness that is the newly updated Heinz Faust and his tank tracked King Merc! Doug Telford (our concept artist) is back and has swept us off our feet with his latest work - so here we are to share some more of it with you.

I will kick everything off with Heinz Faust first. So, here is the old and the new portrait shots side by side:


You'll notice Doug has given him a nice looking scar and glazed eye yet retained the overall look and feel of the original Heinz.


Nobby tells me that his original painting of Heinz was based on Rutger Hauer (above left) purely for his Aryan Teutonic-like features. Nobs also thought Rutger was German but today we IMDB’d him and he is in fact Dutch - just in case you really needed to know that. Trifle also pointed out (and we agreed) that the new rendering of Heinz looks more than a little bit like Michael Fassbender as well (above right).

If you didn’t already know, when we came to look at the characters we loved the fact that they were portrait shots and you couldn’t see their full bodies, this meant we could give the characters some little quirky features that where never shown in the original!

So here is the FULL hot body shot of Heinz:

SO Heinz’s Reveal is that he has these awesomely silly traditional breeches like the German Cavalry or Canadian Mounties wear (either that or he’s just happy to see us ;). We also decided that it would be funny to have him on tank tracked roller boots; this is purely due to his lack of love of being a pedestrian, so when he’s not in his King Merc, he’s zooming round the streets barging into people and squishing small pets.

Onto his Ride! The King merc was not only a superb looking vehicle but it’s very unique:

All we gave Doug was this image of it (above) and the loose brief to base it on a Mercedes SL, like the original (and by a happy coincidence, what the nobster drives these days!). So to let you in on some Art development I’ll now go through the stages of concept iterations and feedback we gave up to the final image.

The first Concept literally blew our socks off! We couldn’t believe how well Doug nailed it.

We just loved it. One thing we was keen to see was a more tank-like top, it looked a little too soft compared to the rest of it, and we weren’t overly keen on the wired window guard either. So, we requested some alternative armoured versions… influenced by tanks of course.

We also wanted to get the car logo changed to avoid any licensing troubles so added a note on that.

With the feedback in mind Doug came back to us first with some alternative window treatment, with these two great concepts:


We loved both of them, we agreed that the hinged window looked great, I also thought that the one on the left is a little “Halo helmet visor” whereas the hinged window is more tank like.

So with our preferred window treatment Doug got the concept finalised and sent over and here it is!!! So Doug pretty much nailed it from the start and didn’t need much changing from the first image. Here is the final concept:

I LOVE the little details like the pixel camo and bloody hand print :D. I really think Doug has done a great job and I can’t wait to see it modelled!!! It’s going to be sooo sexy!!! :) (Oh, and it’ll also give us the opportunity to get the first tracked vehicle in the game and play with the different driving dynamics!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this update. MORE SOON! :D

Sim xxx

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