Squawk! It's The Hawk!

Back in 1996 when Carmageddon was in development, it was decided that we’d give the player the choice of two cars to select at the start of the game. One would be a lighter, softer and faster car, the other heavier, better armoured but less nippy. I drew up side-view images of the cars (sadly, the car manual containing all the vehicle drawings has long since disappeared), and made sure they shared a common look; The Hawk (as the faster one was called) looking like a cab-forward, mid-engined version of front-engined Grand Touring bruiser, The Eagle. The decision was in no way connected to the fact that it meant that once I’d built The Eagle, I only had to shunt a few polys around to make it into The Hawk.

(Of course, the other thing this allowed us to do was introduce the female option for the PratCam, and thus Die Anna was born. Hoorah!)

TBH, the only reasons to pick the Hawk as the player car in Carmageddon were:

  • You liked yellow
  • You liked Die Anna screaming on your PratCam

Once you realised that the actress playing Die Anna was only 14, you felt a bit guilty and went back to driving The Eagle – unless you were also 14 or under.

Aaanyway… That was the story of The Hawk’s origin. The Eagle and the Hawk weren’t based on any existing cars – they sort of flopped out of my brain onto the layout paper via my twitching pencil without referencing any specific manufactured cars, as many of the other Carmageddon cars did. This made the process of following them up with new versions – for The Spat Pack and Carmageddon 2 – feel quite tricky to pull off, and led to updated designs that varied (IMO) in being fulfilled successfully. I think The Hawk in The Splat Pack is… interesting.

And the one in Carma 2 is okay, but not my finest design moment!

Well, to the present. And a while back, while updating Carma.com with some news, we accidentally “trailed” a bit of vehicle that we hadn’t actually meant to reveal. It was immediately spotted by you keen-eyed Carmafans and spawned some discussion in the forums. So we decided that we’d nix the speculation and reveal the Doug wonderfulness that is… The New Hawk.

SEX ON TOAST. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Further to this reveal today, I have more breaking news from Brands Hutch (as we call our room) in Carma Towers. And that is to let you all know that You Haven’t Seen The Eagle Yet. Well, you’ll say – that’s bloody obvious. We haven’t seen a new Eagle yet. But the thing is, we kind of had an Eagle. It’s even been partially revealed, damaged, in a screenshot. It was based on an amalgamation of early work that Doug had done for us (which can be found in the Eagle Eyes On blog). And we’ve been using this Eagle for some time now as a test bed for Car setup development; damage, suspension etc. work. But recently, we took a long hard look at it and decided – it could be better. And so, it’s gone Back To The Drawing Board. More on this too… Later, my Carmachums!

(And BTW, I’m thinking that The Eagle and The Hawk should be called the Eagle:R and Hawk:R in order to avoid confusion about what number they ought to be… Whatcha fink?)

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