Special VIP Guest Part 2 - Roman the Russian!

Welcome to the Second instalment of the Kickstarter 10k Backers visit. Ken’s blog can be found here in case you missed the first part.

The Second 10k backer to visit the Carma Towers was Roman the crazy Russian! Roman came all the way from Moscow and brought along with him his beautiful girlfriend, Nataliya.

Roman and Nataliya with Jason our Publishing directorRoman: “Hey how about some spontaneous vodka drinking contest?”

Roman had already been discussing his ideas in the private “Dark Team” Forum on Carmageddon.com and so had already identified what he wanted to achieve for his driver and vehicle, in some detail. With that in mind we started with a meeting to discuss the concepts and ideas Roman had. We also took that opportunity to collect as much reference material and information as possible.

Roman: “No-no-no Nobby, this is not gonna work. We can still see you!”

I’m not going to tell you which bits he liked from which cars but I will share some very sexy looking reference car names that we were looking at: Lambo, Veneno, The latest Corvette and “Le Ferrari”. All had their parts peered at and louvres lusted over, and after we’d all dribbled a bit everyone agreed on how to proceed.

Romans sketch he brought along:

This was great starting point to have, as it gave us a good idea of what general sort of vehicle type Roman wanted. And after the meeting we summarised his ideas to help James concept his car.

  • Type - Racing pickup
  • Oversized Bladed large wings
  • V10 quad turbo
  • Front wing
  • Exposed engine parts on bonnet
  • Diagonal cut exhausts
  • LED lights

Whilst we gave James a chance to soak up all the info and produce us some initial concept sketches, we took Roman and Natalia to have professional photos taken in our state of the art photo studio… Sort of a cupboard thing. We work in there, too!

Roman: “A little photo session for Roman to become......well this is a secret!!”

Roman: “Hey Nobby, btw will it be ok for me to drive over Nataliya in my car?”

Roman came back after his professional photo shoot session to continue working with James on getting his final touches in place (hehe). Just in case you was wondering how Russians deal with giving feedback, I managed to take a quick snap…

Roman: “Come on James! You can do it a lot better!!!!”

Roman: “James is so intense now that he will definitely create a new quantum theory in a minute.”

Roman: “Yay we finally did it!”

Now, we don’t want to “over-spoil” you all with complete reveals of all the cars from the game so we all agreed with Roman that it would be far more fun to just give a taste of the final render of the car. So, here is your sneak peak of Roman's car – and you’ll just have to play the game to see the whole thing, and experience it in action! A big MASSIVE Special Thanks to Roman for being our other 10k backer, and Roman and Nataliya for their wonderful visit, crazy car ideas and amazing Russian charm.

To finish off (hehe) we got a nice photo of the guys together.

“Forever together now”

That’s all from me for now, I hope you enjoyed this little update. Sim xxx

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