Sim empties Santa's sack for you!

Season’s greetings Christmas Carma fans!

Welcome the Christmas 2013 update! YAY Boy have we got some stuff for you today – it’s like getting one big present and then being told you have more presents to come!

New concepts!

Firstly we have two new concepts to show you! :D First up, I present…the new Tashita!

I have to admit in the original he is one of my favourites (I have too many)! I really enjoy using Tashita’s oversize tool to shove under opponents and try to flip them hehe. I really can’t wait to see this in game. It was always a fun opponent, fast but satisfyingly easy to give a bloody good twatting! And we all love a huge twat!

And next up is… THE BEAR!

Phwoar!!! Some great detail work by Doug again. The concept is loosely based on an old style Russian Vulva Oops I mean Volga! I really like the front grill and the antennas coming from the top. Love how the barrels on the back make it look like a Russian tank too.

I like how he’s connected the scythe to replicate the functionality of Ivan’s original big swinging chopper – I imagined that was going to be a bit of a challenge to get right, but he nailed it (or rather cut through it like a scythe through a packed shopping mall).

New Wallpapers!

New concepts of course mean new Wallpapers! So the Wallpapers section has been updated and you can grab yourself a Tashita or Bear for your desktop.

Stainless Christmas 2013

So this year we were given probably the BEST EVER party there will ever be… EVER! It really was a truly spectacular event. Everything was organised by Zoe our Operations Manager and she did a fantastic job in surprising us all with the treats and surprises! We had: Carmageddon Cows pulling the Carmageddon Radical that was filled with our Secret Santa presents! A bouncy castle, a surf board rodeo, comedian Scott Charlton, and a special guest… Phil “Tuffers” Tufnell, out of The Jungle and Strickly Cum Dancing! We had an awards ceremony (in which I won “Most Unintelligible Foreign Accent” award haha!), lovely food and a free bar! What more could you ask for? …a sex doll? Giant dildos? Throwing a cow off a balcony? Buoyancy cocks? A dick saber maybe? Or even a penis poncho? Look no further it was all there! We would have invited ALL OF YOU TOO, but hey – let’s do that in Rio next year when Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a MASSIVE WORLDWIDE HIT!

And you can see more photo evidence in our photo gallery.

So a BIG thanks to Zoe – you did a wonderful job, of course we can’t forget to say a BIG thanks to Patrick & all of Management for allowing it all happen. Looking forward to next year!

Just going to leave this here to finish this section off nicely…

It’s Christmas “Guess Who?” Corner!

Just sneaking another piccy into this update… Last week we came across this cracking image of someone with a very close link to the original Carmageddon:

Can you guess who it is? Let us know your guesses in the forum!


Hope you like my little collection of news and amuses, and don’t worry; we will be back straight after Christmas, so we can give you a special End of 2013 Update, to see you into 2014! So be sure to check back here before the New Year!

For now I’ll leave you with this special festive image concoction and song that nobby has made for you all. It’s a sweet nativity scene, and we hope you’ll gather around an open fire with the family on Christmas morning and all sing this little Carma Crimbo song (to the tune of “Away in a Manger” lol).

Hope you all have a splat-tastic Christmas and I will see you again before the year’s out!

Sim xxx

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