Siamese Dream - Part 2

So here we are again, and I have to say it’s an exciting time here in the Carma Cave! Not only as I’m revealing the final drawings of the amazing Siamese Dream, but also because I can make another cool announcement... Doug’s BACK!

Yes, Doug Telford, the fabulous artist who worked with us when we were preparing the first promo work and concept illustrations for Carma:R has recently agreed to produce a full set of new images of the Drivers, plus work on several more detailed car illustrations for us. These images will then be used both in the game front end and also in some of the exclusive posters and artworks we’re working on for our Kickstarter Backers. You’ll recognise Doug’s work from the first batch of images he created, including: our lovely legless Lewie, voluptuous Val, Twister, Cleaver and of course the horrifying Hellhound!

We’re excited by the prospect of lots more arty loveliness from Doug, and I’m sure y’all are too! Doug sent us the first draft of a new car render this morning, and MEIN GOTT it’s GORGEOUS. XD

But I’m saying no more than that. ;)

Soooo, on with this update about the matter in hand – Siamese Dream. Previously, on Terrible Twin blog Season 1 Episode 1, I explained the background idea to the car’s rapid gestation from silly photo of a car from the 60s, to idea for a crazed duo-driven jetcar of The Not Distant Future™. That episode ended in typical cliff-hanger fashion (when is someone going to do one of those where they really do hang Cliff Richard..? – which is the pleasing image the phrase always leaves me with). Basically I did a rapid sketch and super-quick model, then handed it to one of our talented bods to do the pretty version… Sharp intake of breath and roll credits!!

So, Episode 2 begins with the kick off meeting to discuss what Stu’s going to do. As well as the sketch/model, Carma lead artist Will, car artist Stu and I also discussed influences and ideas for the detail polish of the vehicle. We pooled some reference photos and so on from the amazing internets. Images like these:

That middle one looks a bit like tits. Hehe. I’m sure you get where we were going with the influences, anyhoo. It’s as plane as…


Stu’s first step was to create a better model of the car, in order to use that as a basis over which to draw. Quick as a shot, he had a model built and driving around in-game. I took a look at it, and punted out some feedback before the scribbling got under way. Here’s the screenshot of the initial model with my comments:

It was very close to being good to go… So Stu trotted off, made the changes and then got busy with his Wacom.

The next stage was the illustration in base colours for approval. I very much approved:

So, on to colours. Stu went a bit mental, and suddenly I had 20 variations of Siamese Dream to look at, all exploring different ways we could approach the colour of the car – from shark stripes to checkers to multi-colour:

And after reviewing all the options, we decided on the combo we all preferred, which unleashed Stu to create his final renders:

Doesn’t that look bloody AMAZING? We are all SO excited about getting this car into the game, splitting it in two, and carrying on driving the bit that’s left!!

So that’s it for this short season of Siamese Dream blogs. Up next… <CLICK>!

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