Network Games up and running!


So we haven’t given a Carmageddon: Reincarnation development update in a while and it's simply because we are getting our heads down and cracking on with making it. Unfortunately creating these updates do take time away from making the game, so this will again be short and sweet, but hopefully informative.

I just wanted to share that Me, Nobby and Trifle had a first little test of Kev’s Network game code and it was FANTASTIC and very exciting :D …so exciting I think I pretty much disrupted everyone’s concentration on our floor with my glorious show boating …because I Won PWNED their arses (of course)! ;)

First we had a game of Fox and Hounds! It’s my favourite Multiplayer mode so I was uber keen to have the first game… got in the game and immediately noticed we had a “programmer fox effect” :D – I love programmer placeholders they are great! The game was set on a smallish test level and that made it difficult to run away but still… We were all in the same game together!! :D and that in itself is exciting!

After that we had a game of car crusher, this also had some placeholder assets, like health bars just so we could tell how damaged someone was (that’s just whilst we wait for Batwick’s Car Crushing code ;D which he’s currently working on and that’s another thing we just cant wait to see!!)

Now that the Network code is in there once a week a few of us will be getting together and playing a few network games , this is so we are constantly playing it throughout the development and keeping up to date with the latest code changes and art content.

That’s all for now.

Sim xxx

Nobby says: Clearly it was pure luck that meant Sim won the first ever network games in C:R… And this will not be a pattern that repeats itself over and over in the future because she’s younger and a better driver than the rest of us. No no no… Next time…

Anyway, the completion of the network game code by Kev is an amazing milestone in the project. The ability to compete against each other means that suddenly we’re properly playing Carmageddon again, in the new renderer, utilising all the new code for car handling, peds, power-ups, etc. etc. and this is EXCITING. This and the imminent arrival of phase one of Batwick’s Car Crushing Code have really got the studio in a buzz…

In fact, in our original “iterative release” plan for the game this would have meant we were close to being ready to release a working version of the game. But it’s equally clear now that it will be soooo much better to keep working on the gameplay/levels/cars/ALL the STUFFS until it’s completely DONE and we can blow your collective SOCKS OFF.

Our next update will be about our first impressions of Bat’s Car Crushing Code. And the thing is, we’re as filled with anticipation to see it as you all must be to hear about it (and possibly get to see a little bit of movie coverage… possibly), because he’s been working on it in TOP SECRET and won’t let ANYONE see it ‘til “it’s ready”. The BASTARD!! So apologies in advance if, come the day when we first play it and we post the update, it smells a bit of EXCITEMENT WEE. :D

Nob xxx

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