Keeping you in suspension!

Hello Carma sexpots, end of the year Sim here! :D

And a wazzing great welcome to the last update of 2013!! As promised (in my last update) we are going out with A BANG! But first I’d just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support over the course of the whole past year, you have all been waiting so patiently to see some in-game stuffs… and your wait has finally come to an end! YAY!!

Christmas Fun was over real quick for us (boo!) and after having a (little) break for Christmas the Carmageddon team are back in this week and working as hard as ever, as we continue THE CRUNCH leading up to the Early Access Release. The guys have been working all hours for months, and their enthusiasm and determination to create something special is unwavering. Bless their little coding and arting SOCKS!

And so the end of year video presentation. What we’ve got for you is a suspension test video, which showcases some of the amazing tech work being done by Patrick, as the man responsible for car dynamics code, damage and STUFF. The environment that you’ll glimpse is a coastal level – the way we have angled the camera will give you some snippets of the geometry of the level, and some of you might just be able to match the area that it takes place in with elements from one of the original coastal levels.

So, important points to note that we would like you to be aware of when watching:

  • THIS IS A SUSPENSION TEST – this video is STRICTLY a suspension test video, and we’d ask you to treat it as such.
  • PRE ALPHA VISUALS – the level has its base textures applied, but still needs extensive additional work now that the mega-texturing is available, plus much additional accessorizing, finessing and playing about with. The lighting levels are not set correctly yet. In short, it’s all PRE ALPHA.
  • TWISTER – the Twister was selected as the most appropriate of our current crop of cars for Patrick to use to tweak the fully independent suspension setup. The chassis and suspension component mesh is complete, but the bodywork has still got to be finally tweaked, detailing added, and finally note that ALL the textures/materials are WIP.
  • HIGHLIGHTED SUSPENSION – Batwick purposely asked for the suspension components to be coloured in bright high-visibility materials because he needed to be able to see it clearly as he worked on the code, and we have kept this material colouring in the video, so we can more clearly demonstrate the individual moving parts to you. There’s currently no smoothing applied to the components either – so that the facets of elements like the drive shafts more clearly indicate their rotation (for testing porpoises).
  • FIXED CAMERA – we’re using the “Car Inspection Cam” in this video, which pivots around the centre of the car and has none of the nice elasticity of the normal 3rd person camera – this is in order to concentrate the view on the suspension. It also means that you only get a “tease” view of the scene… ;D

The Video is available to view below. Please feel free to share and spread the news. So what do you think? Let us know by discussing it in the forums

Additionally If anyone would like to leave a message of encouragement for the Carmageddon Dev Team through the coming crunch time, please leave a message and we will pass the messages on! Thanks for your support again Carmafans, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Cock & balls Sim XXX

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